What are the keys to promoting cycling in cities?

Vector de reparto en bicicleta - claves para impulsar la ciclologística vector

Conforme el sector de la logística y del transporte se va adaptando a las últimas tendencias como el auge del e-commerce, se va encontrando con retos cada vez más difíciles de pasar por alto. Uno de ellos son las congestiones de tráfico y la contaminación del aire a causa de las emisiones CO₂ y los … Read more

What are the logistics trends for 2023?

Sistema de transporte global concepto abstracto ilustración vectorial. tendencias de logística para el 2023

Cuando se está finalizando el año, es hora de dar un repaso a las tendencias de logística para el 2023 y observar qué le depara a este sector tan desafiante pero imprescindible. Entre ellas se suele incluir desde nuevos avances tecnológicos que optimizan las operaciones logísticas hasta nuevas prácticas que buscan una mejor concienciación por … Read more

3 sectors that need to optimize their logistics in e-commerce

Do you know the sectors with e-commerce potential that need to consolidate their logistics operations? Discover them in this list.

We are already familiar with one of the key events that has affected the economy and most of the known sectors on a large scale: the confinement and restrictions due to the pandemic. With the impossibility of opening dispensable physical stores and offering face-to-face services, both large and small companies have had to reinvent their models against the clock to circumvent and adapt to this scenario.

As a result, the e-commerce sector is one of the sectors that is gaining more and more relevance due to the changes that consumers have made in the face of this abrupt change in their habits and are now accustomed to this way of consuming. However, there are important sectors that are not progressing as much in the e-commerce section as expected despite the demand to offer this type of business.

If you want to know some of the sectors with e-commerce potential that need to mature their services, take a look!


According to this study, more than 75% of patients prefer to use the services of a telepharmacy or receive their medicines at home instead of going to the pharmacy in person, with 9%. However, pharmaceutical e-commerce in Spain has only experienced a growth of 2% compared to other countries such as Italy and Germany, which have had a growth in turnover of 34% and 10% respectively.

This is because infrastructures still need to be improved to ensure data protection on the part of patients and to enable them to use these services at home. Despite this, the pharmaceutical sector has had very good communication in the supply chain to cope with the health crisis and ensure the supply of several drugs.

It is worth noting that one of the solutions that has potential in the face of occasional drug shortages is FarmaHelp, a digital platform that allows a pharmacy to notify and contact other nearby pharmacies when a drug is out of stock and there are supply problems so that the patient can receive it in time. 

ilustración del concepto de dropshipping amplio. sectores con potencial en el e-commerce

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Crisis in maritime transport

Cargo barge moored at port dock loading with colorful cargo containers isometric composition isometric vector illustration-vector shipping crisis vector

Usually, the focus of attention is usually placed on land freight transport, on issues that are up to date such as the lack of carriers, traffic restrictions in cities, the digitization of the sector, among other aspects. However, a crisis is occurring in maritime transport and it is currently in the spotlight because of the great collapse of one of the key pieces of the most important supply chain worldwide, since 80% of international trade depends on this means.

However, how did it come to this point of crisis in the ports? How is it going to affect the supply chain? If you want to learn more about the crisis in shipping, you have to take a look at the following points that make it up:

Shanghai port collapse

One of the world's most important ports, the port of Shanghai, has suffered a considerable hold-up of cargo ships, which is already greatly affecting certain supply chains such as the technological ones that focus on tablets and screens. Its main cause is the resurgence of covid-19 which has led to strict confinements in several residential apartments and limited the work of millions of inhabitants, including factories.

In this situation of the shipping crisis, if raw materials are increasing in price due to inflation because of the pandemic stoppage, the cost of these same materials along with their transportation could increase much more. It should be noted that prices may increase particularly in the technology and appliance sector, in addition to the fact that these products will run out and take longer to be replenished due to delays. 

Sustainability rate

Cargo ships are known to be one of the main culprits of the greenhouse effect that is already threatening climate change. Several entities are already thinking about how to tackle this problem in the face of the decarbonization of maritime transport and one of the solutions proposed is the application of the "emissions market".

Undoubtedly, such a decision may cause a misuse of the same tax because companies would choose to "flee" European ports and resort to other international ports without this type of restrictions. If this is the case, the main objective of reducing emissions would end up being in vain and other ways of applying sustainable taxes should be considered. In addition, the current crisis in maritime transport would delay the implementation of this type of measures.

Fotografía aérea de la terminal de contenedores-crisis en el transporte marítimo foto

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Keys to understand the rise in fuel prices


La gran subida del precio del combustible es un hecho, ya que está presente en nuestro día a día, además de preocupante. La mayoría de las personas están comentando por su gran impacto tanto a particulares como a empresas. Pero, ¿cuáles son las causas principales que nos ha llevado a este punto? ¿Qué consecuencias va … Read more

Methods to obtain customers in logistics and transportation

clientes en logística y transporte-Foto de Negocios creado por yanalya - www.freepik.esa

If you are a salesperson or responsible for your logistics company, it is important to be up to date with the strategies to get new customers in logistics and transportation.

We all know the old commercial - client relationship, the more you work a client portfolio or a physical area the more sales there will be. But are we up to date with the new trends and strategies to get more clients for our business? Do we know how to optimize the commercial work to get more results in less time? Do we know the concept of re-inventing ourselves but are we really doing it?

Customized Advertising

We are hearing more and more about personalized advertising, chatbots to provide responses
and on-the-spot, tailor-made campaigns with very specific targets that include even
products they have sought and the use of artificial intelligence (usually in more speeches from people who are not real understanders of the concept).

Explore the combination of different digital marketing techniques that allow first to target consumers who can show interest in the product (Google Ads, Linkedin or Facebook) instead of the old mass campaigns that were made on television, radio, print media, etc... that already sounds archaic. And secondly, give immediate response to the customer, as has been seen with Millenials who increasingly require and demand shorter response times.


It is important to keep up to date with the innovations and novelties that we find in the transport and logistics market. The emergence of new trends and start-ups can bring us the most important tools or opportunities that can help us the most.

Highlighting the award-winning startup in innovation Transport Comparator, the first free web-based comparator of road transport companies on the market. This platform allows both large transport companies and SMEs to advertise on the Internet without fixed costs. This marketplace not only allows us to gain notoriety on the internet but also to obtain sales possibilities without intermediaries.

Creating the experience

There is more and more competition and it is more difficult to differentiate yourself, isn't that your case? I don't believe it.

That is why it is so important that we understand that it is no longer a novelty but a norm to stop offering products or services and start offering experiences. Yes, experiences: Do you offer a transportation service or do you offer peace of mind? Do you offer logistics services or do you offer security? Your customers should link you to an experience, and if you think they don't, it's possible that they already do and you're the only one who doesn't know what it is.

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What are the trends in logistics for 2022?

tendencias en la logística para el 2022

In a world that is changing more and more rapidly, it is essential to be aware of new technologies, methodologies or changes that are occurring in the field, especially if they come from a gradually more demanding sector such as logistics. To this end, companies directly or indirectly related to the industry are attentive to the trends in logistics for 2022.

It is known that the pandemic has greatly affected the logistics sector, either because of the problems with transport vehicles or because of the constant growth of e-commerce due to mobility restrictions and confinement. Here are the most important trends in logistics for 2022:

Green or sustainable logistics

One of the biggest concerns in recent years is the great environmental impact that logistics has on CO₂ emissions, as they account for 27% of total emissions in Spain (MITECO, 2020).

To this end, they have mobilized to use technological tools to help them reduce carbon dioxide emissions and more environmentally friendly materials such as the following:

More and more companies are looking to the future and opting for tools that help them to be more sustainable and reduce emissions that harm the planet.


Along with the high demands on delivery times, it is also very important to maintain the security of logistical data. Blockchain, or block data, is used to keep all the numbers in one place.

Apart from that, the blockchain makes sure to keep a real-time tracking of all logistic operations in order to plan processes in warehouses and vehicles.

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How to tackle Black Friday with last mile delivery

Black Friday -Foto-de-Fondo-creado-por-Hello-Pixel.jpg

Black Friday is the big event of the year when Christmas shopping comes early and last-mile delivery plays a key role. During 2020, more than 50 million shipments were recorded thanks to the e-commerce drive (Source: UNO Logística, 2020). Therefore, logistics companies expect this trend to continue to grow.

If last-mile delivery is a challenge for companies at other times of the year, at a time when shipments are skyrocketing, it will be even more evident. If you want to know how to prepare your capillary distribution for Black Friday, take a look at the following tips:

1. Prepare well in advance

Companies specializing in capillary logistics distribution have been preparing for months for the disproportionate increase in sales and possible saturation of the system. Everything that you organized 15 days or a month in advance will have to be structured twice as far in advance.

This is because the possible setbacks and errors that you may encounter in your planning will be easier to correct. Besides, you can continue adjusting the preparation as the trends of this Black Friday are known.

2. Analyze past exercises

It has already been mentioned above that the pandemic has driven e-commerce and, consequently, last-mile delivery to unexpected levels. But how has your logistics been affected during previous Black Fridays, and has your industry been impacted to a greater or lesser extent?

In order to clarify all these doubts, there is nothing better than looking at the logistics exercises of previous years. Has a noticeable or very gradual increase been detected? Are pick-up points being used more or do you prefer home delivery? With all this data, a rough estimate can be made of what will happen on Black Friday with last-mile delivery.

3. Make an estimate of delivery times based on actual capacity

Optimizing delivery routes alone is not enough to be able to deliver efficiently and on time. You must calculate the maximum delivery capacity to be able to match the amount of shipments affected by your customers due to Black Friday with the usual distribution volume.

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Supply chain crisis

crisis en la cadena de suministro - 01

The crisis in the global supply chain is already more than evident and all the media are echoing it. The economic recovery is uneven, and while in some countries it is being reactivated in others, the lack of supplies is wreaking havoc.

The shortage of heavy vehicle drivers is causing bottlenecks that will be difficult to solve. Much of the product is staying in the factory, as it cannot get out due to transportation and supply problems.

This is causing large companies to start working directly with retailers in order to secure supply.

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Why marketing is destroying Artificial Intelligence

Destroying AI

Actualmente, términos como Inteligencia Artificial y Big Data están de moda y están muy explotados por el Marketing. A primera vista podría parecer que es positivo ya que la mayoría de empresas conocen o tienen interés por saber más acerca de estos tecnologías. Sin embargo, si vas un poco más allá, son términos que en … Read more