Passenger transportation

Passenger transport management often receives numerous requests and requires rigorous fleet control to secure its destination routes. Therefore, they need tools that allow them complete service planning in real time and full visibility of the fleet.

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Meet your service level agreements and delivery windows to the destination
Reduce your logistics costs on passenger transport routes
Reduce the planning and tracking time of your delivery routes

Take your logistics to the next level

It plans services in real time and optimizes routes taking into account your constraints and maximum reduction of operating costs.
Monitor passenger travel to the destination and receive or communicate customized notifications and alerts to your customers.
Automatically informs your customer of delays in the trajectory due to traffic incidents, among others.
Controls and monitors the proper use of the vehicle and ensures drivers' compliance with the driving rules.
Defines and schedules the work assignment for each driver taking into account the breaks of each employee.
It allows planning with different fleet types such as coaches, buses, minibuses, minibuses, minibuses or passenger cars.
Take your logistics to the next level
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