Picking optimizer

Audit and optimize productivity within the warehouse.

Picking optimizer - Logistics software

The picking optimizer will make you improve...

Optimal picking routes

Optimal routes in the warehouse

Generate the optimal routes for the picking of your workers and fork-lift operators within the warehouse in real time according to parameters such as the orders to be prepared and the activities in the execution queue.

Adaptation to the operation of your warehouse

The optimization contemplates personalized restrictions on warehouse operations such as time, distances, loads, aisle direction and other factors tailored to your use case.

Adapts to your warehouse processes
Physical and logical warehouse rules

Add physical and logical rules

Physical and logical adaptation of the current scenario, as well as the drawing of the shelves of your warehouse, to obtain picking routes that are achievable and realistic in a practical situation.

Automatic assignment of activities

Group orders within the same activity plan and automatically assign the picking activity to an operator available on that shift.

Automatic dispatch of warehouse activities
Out of stock detection

Detection of out of stock and inefficiency in preparation

Detect and reduce the second laps for order preparation due to stock out of stock or poor coordination with the replacement of product on the warehouse shelves.

Bottleneck detection

Compare the historical routes with the optimal routes and discover possible bottlenecks in your warehouse operations in the replenishment, preparation, consolidation or loading of orders.

Bottleneck detection
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