Route optimizer

Plan and optimize your distribution routes automatically. Define delivery routes effectively, sustainably and quickly.

Route optimizer - Logistics software

The route optimizer will make you improve...

Long distance routes optimizer

Plan your routes automatically

Generate optimal planning according to your daily orders to be delivered, minimizing the size of the fleet, the distances traveled and the number of routes.

Easily load your orders

Import your orders through spreadsheets or use our APIs to integrate the information automatically.

Route optimizer - Logistics software

Adjust restrictions based on your business

Customize the restrictions according to your business logic: deliveries by time windows, customer priorities, vehicle capacities, order types, shifts, driver breaks, among others.

Edit your routes with the editing wizard

Edit your routes with visual aids. Adjust your planning quickly to consider last minute changes such as emergencies, unforeseen events or non-automated activities.

Route planner and optimizer
Drivers and Sales App

Send routes to drivers

Avoid paper and human errors. Publish and send routes to your drivers so that they can view and manage them digitally through the Hedyla mobile App.

Optimize deliveries, collections and freight exchanges

Plan routes taking into account collections and deliveries to multiple clients. Add cross-docking points for cargo exchange. Improve your reverse logistics and optimize empty kilometers.

Deliveries, pickups and inverse logistics optimization

Find out if the route optimizer is for you

One of the great challenges faced by last mile transport, delivery and courier companies is not only focused on meeting customer needs, but also on improving their delivery routes automatically and reducing both costs and resources used in each of the routes executed.

The companies that use the Hedyla route optimizer have managed to optimize the time invested in the execution of their routes between 20% and 25%.

In addition, with Hedyla's route optimizer the time and effort spent manually planning routes now only takes a few minutes. With the route planner, the most optimal route can be calculated knowing the location of the end customer, the times, costs and any other type of restriction.

Minimize the size of your fleet, as well as the distances traveled by your carriers and reduce the number of routes carried out.

By reducing the distances traveled, you will also be able to reduce the use of fuel. By centralizing deliveries, you will reduce the number of trips and with a control of the load of each truck, the emission of CO2 gases into the environment will also be reduced, which will lead your company to be more logistically sustainable.

Last but not least, with Hedyla's route optimizer you will be able to offer your customers real-time information on the status of their orders, thus reducing the number of calls and improving the end-user experience.

Benefits of a route planner

Why is the route optimizer one of the most efficient logistics software tools that solve the logistics problems of transport and distribution companies?

Here are the benefits you can obtain with route optimization software such as Hedyla's:

  • Control of operations. Complete and centralized information on operations, total control over the capacity of your fleet to make deliveries successfully.
  • Quality of service. Increase your success rate in deliveries, keep to schedules and react quickly to any unforeseen event.
  • Automatic notifications. Inform your client or the driver of any change in the plan automatically and thus reduce telephone calls with your central.
  • Time saving. Reduce the time spent planning and executing routes. Dedicate your resources to improving the quality of service of your operations and automate your operations to the maximum.
  • Goodbye to human error. No more mistakes, take control and centralize information by automating route planning.
  • Cost savings. Reduce gas consumption, reduce the size of your fleet and improve efficiency.
  • Analyze the improvement areas. Through analytics and reports you can discover bottlenecks and measure productivity.
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