Make the most of your warehouses

The need to increase productivity and reduce costs in warehousing, receiving and order picking to maintain proportionate contribution margins is a priority in any company.

Picking optimization

The warehouse software that takes you to the next level

At Hedyla we help you to optimize your picking routes, to plan and optimize activities and operations, and to simulate new layout scenarios in the warehouse to analyze what impact it would have on a day-to-day basis and maximize your productivity.
Reduce picking time and distance
Automate the location location of references in specific areas of your warehouse
Reduce delays on orders expedition

Main features in warehousing

Optimize the picking and order preparation routes of your operators and drivers within the warehouse in real time.
We integrate with your WMS to carry out an optimized planning of the activities and resources in your warehouse.
Reduce second laps in order preparation due to stock out of stock or poor coordination with replenishment.
Control and generate performance reports of your warehouse operations to comply with your logistics KPIs’ and make operational and strategic decisions.
Evaluate with the layout simulator any physical or logical change to be made in the warehouse and validate any investment in furniture and machinery to be carried out.
Evaluate with the scenario simulator the impact of new technologies or other forms of order preparation on your productivity and quality of service.
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