What are the logistics trends for 2023?

Sistema de transporte global concepto abstracto ilustración vectorial. tendencias de logística para el 2023

Cuando se está finalizando el año, es hora de dar un repaso a las tendencias de logística para el 2023 y observar qué le depara a este sector tan desafiante pero imprescindible. Entre ellas se suele incluir desde nuevos avances tecnológicos que optimizan las operaciones logísticas hasta nuevas prácticas que buscan una mejor concienciación por … Read more

Methods to obtain customers in logistics and transportation

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If you are a salesperson or responsible for your logistics company, it is important to be up to date with the strategies to get new customers in logistics and transportation.

We all know the old commercial - client relationship, the more you work a client portfolio or a physical area the more sales there will be. But are we up to date with the new trends and strategies to get more clients for our business? Do we know how to optimize the commercial work to get more results in less time? Do we know the concept of re-inventing ourselves but are we really doing it?

Customized Advertising

We are hearing more and more about personalized advertising, chatbots to provide responses
and on-the-spot, tailor-made campaigns with very specific targets that include even
products they have sought and the use of artificial intelligence (usually in more speeches from people who are not real understanders of the concept).

Explore the combination of different digital marketing techniques that allow first to target consumers who can show interest in the product (Google Ads, Linkedin or Facebook) instead of the old mass campaigns that were made on television, radio, print media, etc... that already sounds archaic. And secondly, give immediate response to the customer, as has been seen with Millenials who increasingly require and demand shorter response times.


It is important to keep up to date with the innovations and novelties that we find in the transport and logistics market. The emergence of new trends and start-ups can bring us the most important tools or opportunities that can help us the most.

Highlighting the award-winning startup in innovation Transport Comparator, the first free web-based comparator of road transport companies on the market. This platform allows both large transport companies and SMEs to advertise on the Internet without fixed costs. This marketplace not only allows us to gain notoriety on the internet but also to obtain sales possibilities without intermediaries.

Creating the experience

There is more and more competition and it is more difficult to differentiate yourself, isn't that your case? I don't believe it.

That is why it is so important that we understand that it is no longer a novelty but a norm to stop offering products or services and start offering experiences. Yes, experiences: Do you offer a transportation service or do you offer peace of mind? Do you offer logistics services or do you offer security? Your customers should link you to an experience, and if you think they don't, it's possible that they already do and you're the only one who doesn't know what it is.

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