Layout simulator

Evaluate the impact of possible physical and logical changes in your warehouse.

Warehouse layouts simulator - Logistics software

The layout simulator will make you improve...

Warehouse layout optimization

Optimize and improve your current scenario and processes

Redraw the distribution of the references in your warehouse from scratch. Compare how it can affect your productivity by varying the location of the merchandise or the furniture itself.

Better prepare for seasonality and campaigns

Generate and simulate scenarios that allow you to make decisions about the relocation of products within the warehouse due to the entry of new references by seasonality or campaign.

Campaigns and seasonality
Simulate production and commercialization of new products

Simulates the production and/or commercialization of new products

Generate and simulate scenarios that allow you to make decisions about the production, distribution, storage and/or marketing of your products and analyze how it affects your workloads.

Analyze new operational and business restrictions

Add new operational or business restrictions to check the impact they would have on your warehouse operations and resource allocation.

Physical and logical warehouse rules
Layout simulator

Improve your processes by simulating new scenarios

Check how the changes caused by the incorporation of new technologies or ways of doing things in the daily operations of your warehouse can affect your productivity and quality of service.

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