Improve your distribution

Optimize costs and improve quality of service in last-mile distribution.

Route planning

Find the best delivery routes to multiple clients.
  • Import your orders through spreadsheets or directly from your ERP.
  • Add delivery restrictions such as client time-windows, priorities, vehicle capacities, type of orders, drivers shifts, breaks and much more.
  • Edit and adjust your routes taking into account real time traffic and many other factors.
  • Publish and send your routes to your drivers so that they can view them through our mobile app.

Delivery tracking

Track your fleet deliveries in real time.
  • Track your drivers’ progress and get updated ETAs throughout the day.
  • Keep your customers with updated delivery times through notifications.
  • Collect signatures, images and/or possible issues of all deliveries throughout our mobile app.
  • Control KPIs using customizable dashboards and analytics.

Scenario simulations

Simulate fleet and demand changes.
  • Compare optimization simulations with historical data of your deliveries.
  • Reduce your fleet according to your volume and type of deliveries.
  • Add new business restrictions to check the impact they would have on your delivery routes.
  • Measure, control and improve your KPIs by introducing new changes.

Resource management

Keep control of your clients, vehicles, drivers and other business restrictions.
  • Automate geo-coding of your clients.
  • Automatically bill your drivers according to the distance traveled, time worked, number of deliveries and other parameters.
  • Manage all your resources simply and quickly.
  • Integrate with your ERP, SGA or other internal management program.