Be great at your distribution

without changing your current systems


Hedyla’s innovative solution improves the efficiency of your company’s distribution process by designing the best possible plan. Based on Artificial Intelligence, the product gives the strategy to take full advantage of your fleet, reduce delivery times and improve customer service quality, taking into account your business constraints and many other conditions that may affect.

Set up a distribution plan​

Obtain the best distribution plan for different scenarios, to either reduce the number of vehicles, improve delivery time, or deal with a higher volume of orders.

Add dynamic constraints​

Take into account business constraints, traffic, customer limitations and many other conditions that affect your distribution to create the best plan in any situation.​


  • Reduce operative costs
  • Speed up delivery times
  • Make informed decisions
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Optimize use of resources
  • Decrease planning time
  • Avoid planification mistakes
  • Be environmentally friendly