Make the most of your warehouses

Save costs and improve efficency in your warehouse operations.

Route optimization

Find the best routes inside your warehouse.
  • Find optimal routes in real-time for your intra-logistic operators and forklifts activities.​
  • Take into account time, distance, load and many other optimization goals tailored to your use case.
  • Add specific physical and logical rules to your warehouse.
  • Compare your executed routes with the optimal ones and discover bottlenecks.

Activities planning

Organize and optimize activities based on time, distance and resource constraints.
  • Automate operations and decrease planning time.
  • Avoid human planification mistakes and decision issues.
  • Achieve dispatching deadlines for your product and SKUs.
  • Predict and identify irregularities related with operations.

Layout simulator

Evaluate physical and logical warehouse changes.
  • Introduce or remove obstacles to detect bottlenecks.
  • Modify warehouse dimensions to analyze efficiency changes.
  • Avoid mistakes and save time by performing layout tests.
  • Create and define new logical areas for improving picking, replenishment or any other warehouse activities.

Performance analytics

Keep control of your indicators to ensure a proper functioning of your warehouse.
  • Verify the accomplishment of your pre-defined KPIs.
  • Control individual and collective operators performance.
  • Define customized analytical charts and metrics.
  • Receive instant notifications for alerting and monitoring.