Get the most of your warehouses

without changing your current WMS and infrastructure

Hedyla’s innovative solution, based on Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, complements your current systems by providing many features that help to optimize resources, reduce operative costs, improve your productivity, avoid planification mistakes and have a total control over your warehouses.

Activities planning​

Optimal ordering of activities based on time and resource constraints. ​

Inventory recommender

Dynamic inventory optimization based on trends, seasonalities and patterns.

Anomalies detection​

Prediction and identification of irregularities related with operations.

Route optimization​

Real time optimal routes for intra-logistic operators activities.​

Operations control​

Performance and optimization rate by operators, type of activity and forklifts.

Warehouse exploitation​

Detection of underused or blocking areas for optimal warehouse behavior.​


  • Reduce operative costs
  • Have a global view of your warehouses
  • Make informed decisions
  • Improve productivity
  • Optimize use of resources
  • Decrease planning time
  • Avoid planification mistakes
  • Meet your deadlines