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Webinar Enfoque Estratégico para Impulsar la Venta de Servicios Logísticos

Hedyla wants to explore the innovative strategies that are transforming the logistics industry. Find out how to meet today's challenges, identify sales opportunities, take your operations to new levels and drive the sale of logistics services.
En este webinar vamos a hablar con expertos en ventas logísticas y para ello nos acompañan Carlos Zubialde de OkCargo y informacionlogistica.com, Olga Mejía de Areatrans y Ferran Lavilla de Hedyla.

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Mujeres en la logística - on demand - hedyla webinars

Women at the Forefront of Logistics Webinar

We want to celebrate and recognize women in logistics who play key roles in the supply chain business world and have made their mark on the industry by highlighting the success stories, entrepreneurial spirit and dedication of these exceptional women.
En este webinar vamos a hablar con mujeres que están en la vanguardia de la logística y para ello nos acompañan Krasimira Stoyanova de Smith & Nephew, Susana Raposo de Normadat, Jeannette Linares de Smith & Nephew y Marta Gutiérrez de Betsaide.

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TMS Demo Webinar

TMS Demo Webinar

A TMS is a comprehensive technology solution that helps companies manage and optimize their transportation and logistics operations. It provides efficiency, visibility and control over transportation processes, resulting in reduced costs, improved customer utility and increased market competitiveness.
In this webinat Victor Dorado, IA Software Engineer at Hedyla, will share a demonstration of our innovative Transportation Management System (TMS).

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Cómo optimizar rutas en una empresa de servicios - on demand - hedyla webinars

Webinar How to optimize routes in a utility company

One of the main challenges for utility companies is route optimization. This not only improves the quality of the utility and saves costs, but also gives people value and makes us more sustainable.
In this webinar we are going to talk about how to optimize routes in a utility company and for this we have Joel Páez from Ullastres, Julio Bartolomé from Taisa Logistics and Andreu Araque from Hedyla.

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Asistente virtual - hedyla

Webinar Virtual assistant for carriers

We already know how a route optimizer can not only improve transport management but also make delivery easier.
But how can we make life even easier for carriers?
In this webinar we are going to talk about what a virtual assistant is and what are the benefits of using it. We want to introduce you to the new co-pilot in transportation, the virtual assistant.
We are joined by Jose M. Juan and Carlos J. Rosales from Gandolapp, Edgar Chandre from Washa Logistics and Andreu Araque from Hedyla.

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Success case Vila Viniteca | Hedyla

Vila Viniteca, one of the most important wine distributors in Europe
was looking for digital tools to improve internal processes, in this case planning e-commerce and store distribution routes and tracking deliveries through a mobile app.
We explain the success case of Vila Viniteca in this Webinar, with César Salvadó, Ismael Rodríguez and Víctor Dorado.

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Webinar Optimization within the supply chain

The supply chain of an organization/company is not only a very important business process but also crucial for a satisfactory customer experience. We explain which are the most important points to optimize in the Webinar "Optimization within the supply chain" with Juan Gómez, Víctor Dorado and Marco Jerome Gasparrini.

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