TMS - Transport Management System

The transport industry is increasingly demanding. The excellence in quality of service, providing transparency to clients in their operations and ensuring the good condition of the merchandise, are essential requirements to survive in an increasingly competitive market.

TMS - Transport Management System

The TMS software that takes your logistics to the next level

At Hedyla we help you improve your transportation management, service contracting process, efficiency in billing subcontracted suppliers, and give you an overview of your operational processes.

Reduce your load planning time
Communicate digitally and automatically with all actors in the supply chain
Reduce the volume of polluting gas emissions and save on fuel

With Hedyla's TMS you will improve...

Long distance routes optimizer

Plan and optimize your loads

Generate optimal planning according to your fleet capacity to improve fill rates, avoid empty returns and optimize the assignment of loads to trucks to reduce the number and distance of your routes.

Adjust restrictions based on your business

Customize restrictions according to your business logic: time windows, supplier assignment priorities, vehicle capacities, type of load, breaks...

Route optimizer - Logistics software

Import your load and pickup orders

Import your uploads via spreadsheets or use our APIs to integrate the information automatically.

Management of own and suppliers' rates, by type of cargo, distance to be traveled, full load or groupage and other parameters to automatically assign loads to carriers.

Gestión de tarifas propias y de proveedores, por tipo de carga, distancia a recorrer, carga completa o grupaje y otros parámetros para realizar la asignación de cargas a los transportistas de forma automática.

Customize pricing
Software TMS gestión de transporte

Intermodal and multimodal transport

Complete traceability of loads with the possibility of splitting loads into several transports and linking different means of transport.

Access platform for your suppliers

Supplier access for carrier assignment, rate management, invoicing and full traceability of loads.

Real time notifications
Drivers and Sales App

App for drivers

Send routes to your drivers to track deliveries, pickups and freight exchange in real time. Available for Android and iOS devices.

Client notifications

Receive notifications of the status of the routes to automatically communicate to customers, via SMS or e-mail, that the order is on its way, there is a delay or any other type of notice.

Billing notifications and alerts
Drivers communication

Direct communication between driver and traffic manager

Increase the productivity of drivers and platform by reducing interruptions due to calls, viewing of e-mails or personal WhatsApps by centralizing communication through the mobile App.

Vehicle geolocation

Control the location of your fleet in real time thanks to the GPS location of the mobile App. Facilitates decision-making on current routes with maximum information on the status of your routes.

Vehicle GPS and app geolocation
Digital signature

Digital proof of delivery

Digitize the communications of the deliveries to your client: Register signatures, images and comments of the driver through the mobile App and, facilitate and automate the administrative tasks of the post-sale.

Advanced incident management

Customize the reporting status of incidents to suit your operations and automate activities and/or notifications according to your incident management policy.

Facturación de transportistas - Notificaciones y alertas

Performance analytics

Analyze and generate reports in real time to have total control over your operations. Verify the fulfillment of your logistics and business KPIs' through an easy-to-monitor graphical environment.

Find out if Hedyla's TMS is for you

One of the great challenges facing transportation companies is to improve the quality of service of their transportation. Having visibility of all loads and being able to provide access to this information to your customers is key to meet current market needs.

Companies using Hedyla's TMS have been able to reduce their time spent on planning and administrative management of their transports by up to 90%.

Digitizing all the documentation for vehicles, external carriers and loads will save you a lot of time and money.

Optimizing fill rates and reducing empty turns will allow you to improve the efficiency of your routes and save considerable costs.

By reducing the distances traveled, you will also be able to reduce the use of fuel. By centralizing deliveries, you will reduce the number of trips and with a control of the load of each truck, the emission of CO2 gases into the environment will also be reduced, which will lead your company to be more logistically sustainable.

Last but not least, with Hedyla's TMS you will be able to offer real-time information to your clients on the status of their orders thus reducing the number of calls and improving the end-user experience.

TMS benefits

Why is TMS one of the most efficient tools to solve the logistic problems of transportation and distribution companies?

Here are the benefits that you can get with a TMS software like Hedyla's:

  • Control of operations. Complete and centralized information of the operation, total control over your transport.
  • Quality of service. Increase the compliance rate and react quickly to any unforeseen event.
  • Automatic notifications. Inform your client or the driver of any change in the plan automatically and thus reduce telephone calls with your central.
  • Time saving. Reduce the time spent planning and tracking your routes. Dedicate your resources to improve the quality of service of your operations and automate your operations to the maximum.
  • Goodbye to human error. No more mistakes, take control and centralize information by automating route planning.
  • Cost savings. Reduce gas consumption, reduce the size of your fleet and improve efficiency.
  • Analyze the improvement areas. Through analytics and reports you can discover bottlenecks and measure productivity.
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