Refrigerated transport

The cold logistics chain involves many expenses, from the transportation of the products to the temperature control inside the chambers. Organizing and planning efficient routes to reduce costs while complying with conservation regulations and without affecting the quality of service is key to having a competitive advantage over other companies.

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Maintain an excellent quality of service in deliveries within the established time range
Reduce route times, distances covered and fuel
Reduce the planning and tracking time of your delivery routes

Take your logistics to the next level

Distinguish between refrigerated, frozen and deep-frozen orders taking into account their characteristics and properties.
It includes loads, pickups, multi-origin and multi-destination, adapting to the complexity of a medium and long distance transport operator.
Inform your client of delays in the delivery of goods automatically due to incidents in the supply or distribution.
Monitor the temperature in the cold compartments and make sure that you meet your standards of quality and service to the end consumer.
Automate notifications and alerts that report anomalies in the distribution service and digitally connect between warehouse, drivers and stores.
Optimizes energy expenditure in temperature control by adapting to the type of vehicle, whether isothermal, refrigerated or refrigerated.
Take your logistics to the next level
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