Retail Distribution

Today's market needs require manufacturers and retail distributors to be connected to the end consumer. Reducing supply lead times, demand uncertainty and digitizing business processes are key to success.

Discover the benefits of Hedyla's software

Meet your service level agreements and delivery windows to the destination
Reduce your logistics costs of transport and distribution
Reduce the planning time of your delivery routes

Take your logistics to the next level

Improve the management of time windows of your customers and comply with the availability of product in the warehouse of your distributors.
Control and monitor the process of product delivery throughout the supply chain and receive personalized notifications and alerts.
Inform your client of delays in the delivery of goods automatically due to incidents in the supply or distribution.
Instantly geolocate all new customers when you receive new orders. Also geolocate your fleet and track delivery.
Receive information about rejected deliveries, partial deliveries or defective products, to quickly manage a solution.
Evaluate the current outsourcing of logistics processes such as transport or distribution and know the associated costs.
Take your logistics to the next level
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