Maintenance service operators need to plan in real time to assign workers to preventive tasks with sufficient margin to accommodate unforeseen and urgent tasks. Planning that goes hand in hand with staff/technician scheduling, real-time assignment of new tasks and the ability to review the degree of satisfaction are key to providing a competitive and quality service.

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Meet your service level agreements and destination arrival windows
Reduce route times, distances covered and fuel
Reduce the planning and tracking time of your delivery routes

Take your logistics to the next level

Planifica tareas preventivas periódicas a medio y largo plazo con el suficiente margen para atender urgencias y otros imprevistos.
Monitor the arrival of the service at the customer's destination and receive or communicate customized notifications and alerts to your customers.
Inform your customer in real time of delays and failures due to traffic or supply incidents.
Manages and assigns tasks to available personnel and technicians taking into account their work and holiday schedules.
Monitors and generates performance reports on the degree of satisfaction of the services to meet established objectives.
Allows planning with different types of utility vehicles, from maintenance vans to garbage trucks.
Take your logistics to the next level
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