Fleet management

Centrally control GPS location, digital tachograph data, documentation and vehicle sensors.

Fleet management - Logistics software

Fleet management will help you improve...

Vehicle GPS and app geolocation

Geolocate your fleet in real time

Track your fleet location in real time through GPS for the routes in progress. Make decisions about unforeseen events or emergencies by assigning tasks and diverting the vehicle with the least impact from its route.

Simple and easy-to-use interface

Manage all the data related to your fleet in a centralized, simple and efficient way. The graphic environment is modern and visual, being much more intuitive than conventional electronics.

Fleet performance
Vehicle sensorization

Reduce fuel consumption

Monitor and reduce fuel consumption for each vehicle, with real-time information, alerts and dashboards that allow you to save up to 10% on fuel.
Analytics and reporting - Logistics software

Analyze the operation and use of your fleet

It records data on vehicle operation such as the temperature of the cargo box or trailer, temperature losses when opening the compartments, or incidents of misuse of the fleet while driving (acceleration, sudden braking, door openings, etc.).

Digitize all documentation

Control, manage and centralize the documentation of the fleet and your drivers in a single place. Driving licenses, legal documentation, fines and all kinds of documentation for your fleet on the same platform.
Centralized documentation
Tacógrafo digital

Tool integrated with your hardware

Hedyla's fleet manager can be integrated with the digital tachograph of your vehicles, the GPS tracking systems that you already have contracted and the existing sensors. If you don't have the hardware, we will install it for you.

Find out if fleet management software is for you

A fleet management system helps companies monitor and control vehicles and drivers. In addition, keeping track of fines and fuel consumption helps you reduce costs.

The companies that use Hedyla fleet management software have managed to optimize their costs between 10% and 15%, in addition to having all the information digitized and greatly simplifying internal processes.

Automate routine tasks and securely record all data. With this information you will be able to detect inefficiencies, improve work planning and optimize the use of your vehicles.

Locate your vehicles in real time and visualize the exact location, routes and stops of all your drivers on a map. In addition, you can easily and automatically assign tasks to the nearest driver.

Manage all the documentation of your vehicles and drivers in a single place. Make sure you comply with the legislation, improve the management of fines and maintenance to reduce costs.

Finally, with Hedyla's fleet management system, make sure your workers drive efficiently, allowing you to save on fuel costs

Why is a fleet management software one of the most efficient logistics tools that solve the problems of transport companies?

¿Por qué el gestor de flotas es una de las herramientas de software logístico más eficientes que solucionan los problemas de las empresas de transporte?

Here are the benefits you can get with fleet management software like Hedyla's:

  • Real-time visibility of your operations. Complete and centralized information on operations, total control over the capacity of your fleet to carry out planned tasks.
  • Quality of service. Increase your customer satisfaction thanks to real-time control of your entire fleet.
  • Automatic notifications. Notify your drivers of any situation or change in planning.
  • Time saving. Reduce the time spent digitizing documentation and performing manual processes that can be automated.
  • Goodbye to human error. No more mistakes, take control and centralize the information by automating the management of your fleet.
  • Cost savings. Reduce gas mileage, repairs, and fines.
  • Analyze the improvement areas. Through analytics and reports you can discover bottlenecks and measure productivity.
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