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Fleet management

Centrally control GPS location, digital tachograph data, documentation and vehicle sensors.

Fleet management - Logistics software

Fleet management will help you improve...

Vehicle GPS and app geolocation

Geolocate your fleet in real time

Control the geolocation of your fleet in real time through GPS for the routes in progress. Make decisions about unforeseen events or emergencies by assigning tasks and diverting the vehicle with the least impact from its route.

Simple and easy-to-use interface

Manage all the data related to your fleet in a centralized, simple and efficient way. The graphic environment is modern and visual, being much more intuitive than conventional electronics.

Fleet performance

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Hardware integration

Tool integrated to your hardware

The software can be integrated with your fleet management applications to automate the input and output of information between processes. We can also implement hardware in your vehicles.

The digital tachograph is part of our sources

Hedyla's platform maps the information input recorded by the digital tachograph to control driving schedule and distances and uses this data to perform optimal planning according to fleet restrictions.

Tacógrafo digital
Vehicle sensorization

Analyze the operation and use of your fleet

It records data on vehicle operation such as the temperature of the cargo box or trailer, temperature losses when opening the compartments, or incidents of misuse of the fleet while driving (acceleration, sudden braking, door openings, etc.).

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