Full truckload and groupage transportation

One of the most important challenges when loading the fleet, whether full or groupage, is to size the vehicle fleet appropriately with the goods. The ability to manage loads and assign them to vehicles in a simple and agile manner based on these constraints is key to their smooth distribution.

Discover the benefits of Hedyla's software

Reduce time spent on load planning and route tracking
Reduce route times, distances covered and fuel
Reduce logistics costs in your long distance transportation.

Take your logistics to the next level

Sizes the fleet of vehicles available to distribute the cargo, whether full load or groupage.
Monitor the delivery of products to the customer and receive or communicate personalized notifications and alerts to your customers.
It automatically assigns the type of vehicle according to the unloading limitations at each destination or according to the type of load.
Automatically calculate the cost, distance and number of deliveries from your transport provider and link Hedyla with your administration and accounting modules.
Inform your client of delays in the delivery of goods automatically due to incidents in the supply or distribution.
Define and schedule the assignment of work for each driver taking into account the breaks of each of the employees.
Take your logistics to the next level
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