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Large supermarket chains increasingly require greater business competitiveness based on automation and optimization of business processes, as well as sophistication in their supply chain. The use of supermarket software has become essential to achieve these goals. Efficient supermarket logistics also plays a crucial role in cost reduction, ensuring visibility and traceability of deliveries and fleet, as well as optimal cold chain management, which are essential for success in this highly competitive sector.

Discover the benefits of Hedyla supermarket software

Discover the benefits of Hedyla supermarket software and take your business to the next level. Our solutions allow you to plan and optimize shipments efficiently, saving time and money. In addition, real-time tracking provides information on driver location and performance, enabling more efficient fleet management. Maximize the efficiency of logistics operations and ensure customer satisfaction with a specialized platform for the food retail sector.
Reduce logistics costs of distribution from platform to physical store
Optimize your resources, the volume of the fleet and the volume of drivers
Reduce the time in defining the delivery windows for each physical store

What is a supermarket management software?

A supermarket management software is a special tool to optimize and simplify the work of supermarkets. It focuses on several key aspects, such as inventory management, purchasing management, sales support and human resources management. But its purpose goes beyond internal management. These programs also address the complexity of supermarket logistics, offering functionalities for planning and optimizing delivery routes, driver tracking, fleet management and cold chain assurance, among other crucial logistical aspects.
Supermarket software combines advanced technologies such as GPS systems and real-time data analytics to help manage all operations-related processes more efficiently and accurately, significantly improving productivity, reducing costs and ultimately improving productivity and providing customers with a satisfying shopping experience.

Main features of the supermarket software

Distinguish between fresh, dry and frozen orders, taking into account their particularities and organoleptic properties.
Control and monitor all the management of multi-shift and multi-warehouse deliveries in a digital, simple way and with centralized information.
Automatically assigns vehicle type based on download limitations at each store.
Monitor the temperature in the cold compartments and make sure that you meet your standards of quality and service to the end consumer.
Automate notifications and alerts that report anomalies in the distribution service and digitally connect between warehouse, drivers and stores.
Evaluate the current outsourcing of logistics processes and its associated costs. Make a smart decision about the location and investment of new logistics platforms.
Take your logistics to the next level
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