Truckload management

Plan medium and long distance transport routes optimizing the load between your entire fleet of vehicles.

Truckload management - Logistics software

The truckload management will make you improve...

Long distance routes optimizer

Plan your medium and long distance routes automatically

Generate an optimal planning according to daily deliveries, minimizing the size of the fleet, the distances traveled, the number of routes and the total cost of transport.

Optimize deliveries, collections and freight exchanges

Plan routes taking into account deliveries and collections to clients and cross-docking points for the exchange of cargo. Improve your reverse logistics and optimize empty kilometers.

Deliveries, pickups and inverse logistics optimization
Route optimizer - Logistics software

Adjust restrictions based on your business

Customize the restrictions according to your business logic: deliveries by time windows, customer priorities, vehicle capacities, order types, driver breaks, tachograph time, among others.

Import your loading and pick-up orders easily

Automate the communication between processes by importing your orders, loading and unloading orders and collections through spreadsheets or integrating the Hedyla platform to your information systems.

Drivers and Sales App

Send routes to drivers

Avoid paper and human errors. Publish and send routes to your drivers so that they can view and manage them digitally through the Hedyla mobile App.

Edit your routes with the editing wizard

Edit your routes with visual aids and adjust your planning quickly to consider last minute changes such as emergencies, unforeseen events or non-automated activities.

Route planner and optimizer
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