Customer communication

Improves customer experience, increases satisfaction and provides more effective and transparent communication throughout the transportation and delivery

Drivers and Sales App

With the customer communication app you will get...

Delivery tracking - Logistics software

Real-time shipment tracking

The customer can track the status of their shipments in real time, providing updates on the location and progress of the shipment from pickup to final delivery.

Notifications and alerts

Sends notifications and alerts to the customer about important events related to shipments, such as pickup confirmation, estimated delivery time, route changes or unexpected incident.

Facturación de transportistas - Notificaciones y alertas
Vehicle GPS and app geolocation

Direct communication

Facilitates two-way communication between the customer and the logistics team, allowing to resolve doubts, answer questions and provide personalized assistance.

Contact information

The customer is provided with the information necessary for you to contact customer service or the assigned carrier, which facilitates the communication process and increases the quality of service offered to our customer.

Drivers billing
Deliveries, pickups and inverse logistics optimization

Scheduling of deliveries

It allows the traffic manager to schedule a convenient delivery window, ensuring greater satisfaction and avoiding failed delivery attempts.

Invoice and order history

Through the portal, our customer can view the complete history of their previous orders, as well as retrieve generated proofs of delivery and retrieve digital documents.

Visualize costs
Software customization

Integration with e-commerce systems

For logistics companies working with e-commerce companies, Hedyla can integrate with e-commerce platforms to automate communication and shipment tracking.

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