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Today, the competitiveness of logistics operators is closely linked to their technological evolution and the capacity of their information systems, including the use of logistics operator software. What was useful 20 or 30 years ago is now obsolete, and a logistics operator is now much more complex than a transport operator or a goods distributor. Logistics costs, digitization of processes, and quality of service to the end consumer as a brand representative and excellent service provider are key to success.

Discover the benefits of Hedyla's logistics operator software

Discover the many benefits of Hedyla's software for logistics operators. Our platform is built with the latest technology to meet the changing needs of the logistics industry. Hedyla enables you to optimize warehousing, transportation and distribution processes effectively and efficiently. Our logistics operator software allows you to comprehensively manage all aspects of the supply chain, from route planning to real-time shipment tracking. In addition, its intuitive and customizable interface makes it easy to adapt to the specific needs of your business. Grow your business with Hedyla and take your logistics utilities to the next level of efficiency and competitiveness.
Reduce the costs of your delivery routes.
Comply with your service level agreements and your customers' business constraints.
Reduce logistics costs in your long distance transportation.

What is a logistics operator software?

A software for logistics operators is a technological tool specially designed to manage and optimize all activities related to your supply chain. This type of software offers a wide range of functions, from route planning and tracking to inventory management and vehicle coordination. Logistics operator software acts as a centralized system that integrates and automates all logistics processes, enabling companies to increase operational efficiency, reduce costs and provide better customer utility.
Key features of the software for logistics operators include the ability to manage multiple warehouses and distribution centers, optimize shipping routes to reduce delivery times and associated costs, manage inventory in real time to avoid waste and overstocks, and generate and analyze reports.
Software for logistics operators is an essential tool for companies seeking to improve competitiveness and efficiency in an increasingly complex and dynamic environment.

Main features of the logistics operator software

It includes loads, collections, multi-origin and multi-destination, adapting to the complexity of a medium and long-distance transport operator.
Control and monitor all the management of multi-shift and multi-warehouse deliveries in a digital, simple way and with centralized information.
Optimally plan the route taking into account the maximum reduction in operating costs and fuel savings.
Control and monitor the proper use of the vehicle and ensure compliance with the driving rules by the drivers.
Define and schedule the assignment of work for each driver taking into account the breaks of each of the employees.
Groupage with various capacity variables such as American and European pallets, half pallets, boxes or other forms of measurement to make the most of the journey and the vehicle.
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