Delivery tracking

Track in detail the status of your fleet and each of your order deliveries in real time.

Delivery tracking - Logistics software

The delivery tracking will make you improve...

Delivery tracking

Centrally control the status of the distribution in real time

Follow the progress of the delivery of orders and control deviations in the estimated time of arrival (ETA) to your customers.

Mobile App for drivers and salespeople

Centralize job orders in a single tool. Digitize all communication and service data, and automatically interconnect all information to your information systems.

Drivers and Sales App
Clients notifications

Automatically notify your customers

Receive notifications of the status of the routes to automatically communicate to customers, via SMS or e-mail, that the order is on its way, there is a delay or any other type of notice.

Direct communication between driver and traffic manager

Increase the productivity of drivers and platform by reducing interruptions due to calls, viewing of e-mails or personal WhatsApps by centralizing communication through the mobile App.

Drivers communication
Vehicle GPS and app geolocation

Vehicle geolocation

Control the location of your fleet in real time thanks to the GPS location of the mobile App. Facilitates decision-making on current routes with maximum information on the status of the distribution.

Digital proof of delivery

Digitize the communications of the deliveries to your client: Register signatures, images and comments of the driver through the mobile App and, facilitate and automate the administrative tasks of the post-sale.

Digital signature
Incident management

Advanced incident management

Customize the reporting status of incidents to suit your operations and automate activities and/or notifications according to your incident management policy.

Control individual and collective performance and productivity

Analyze and generate reports in real time to have total control over your operations. Verify the fulfillment of your logistics and business KPIs' through an easy-to-monitor graphical environment.

Fleet performance
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