Transportation of dangerous goods

Logistics operators focused on the transport of hazardous materials are required to exhaustively control and comply with safety protocols in their vehicles that are not very comparable to those of other industries. Security and control of the merchandise are keys to success.

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Avoid errors and improve the communication with your clients.
Reduce your logistics costs and meet ADR transportation requirements
Reduce the planning time of your delivery routes

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Adaptation of the software to the needs and restrictions of the transport of dangerous goods, complying with the ADR agreement.
It includes loads, collections, multi-origin and multi-destination, adapting to the complexity of a medium and long-distance transport operator.
Optimally plan the route taking into account the maximum reduction in operating costs and fuel savings.
Control and monitor the proper use of the vehicle and ensure compliance with the driving rules by the drivers.
Control vehicle's temperature and send notifications and alerts to solve any issue.
Define and schedule the assignment of work for each driver taking into account the breaks of each of the employees.
Take your logistics to the next level
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