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Delivery services distribute orders by delivery zones and need delivery software that offers an agile digital signature system to validate successful deliveries. A high level of confidence based on a digital proof of delivery system and route optimization by delivery clusters are essential to guarantee a quality utility.

Discover the benefits of Hedyla's delivery software

Discover the benefits of Hedyla's home delivery software, a comprehensive solution designed to optimize and streamline your home delivery operations. With our platform, you can efficiently manage your deliveries, from order reception to digital signature confirmation. Thanks to our advanced tracking and analysis tools, you can improve the accuracy of your delivery routes and ensure customer satisfaction. In addition, our software offers security and reliability, ensuring the integrity of your operations. Simplify your delivery process and boost your business with Hedyla.

Meet your service level agreements and delivery windows to the destination
Reduce your logistics costs on routes organized by delivery zones
Reduce the planning and tracking time of your delivery routes

What is delivery software?

A delivery software is a technological tool specifically designed to efficiently manage home delivery operations in businesses that offer this utility. This type of software, also known as software for home delivery companies, integrates various functionalities that facilitate order management, delivery route assignment, communication with delivery drivers and interaction with customers. In addition, it allows real-time tracking of each stage of the delivery process, from order confirmation to customer receipt. These solutions often include features such as geolocation systems, automatic notifications, data analysis tools and integrated payment options. In short, delivery software is an essential tool for optimizing home delivery logistics, improving operational efficiency and providing a satisfying experience for both customers and the businesses that use it.

Principales características del software para delivery o reparto a domicilio

Organize order management by delivery zones or delivery clusters of your customers.
Monitor the delivery of products to the customer and receive or communicate personalized notifications and alerts to your customers.
Inform your client of delays in the delivery of goods automatically due to incidents in the supply or distribution.
Instantly geolocate all new customers when you receive new orders. Also geolocate your fleet and track delivery.
Receive information about rejected deliveries, partial deliveries or defective products, to quickly manage a solution.
Adapt the planning with different types of fleet such as vans, trucks, motorcycles, bikes, scooters, on foot, or with public transportation.
Take your logistics to the next level
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