Supply Chain Simulator

The interactive tool for the simulation and optimization of the supply chain

Scenarios simulator - Logistics software

Supply Chain Simulator software that takes you to the next level

At Hedyla we present a study to determine a Strategic Plan based on different scenarios. We also created a simulator which allows you to periodically review the model and simulate alternative scenarios, analyzing, comparing and finding the best options to optimize your global logistics network.

Overall cost savings across the entire supply chain
Control over your supply chain
Demand-driven supply chain flexibility

Main features of the Supply Chain Simulator

Performs high-fidelity scenario analysis Generates analysis based on real-world operations data and constraints. Also enables side-by-side scenario comparison and powerful data visualization.
Real vs. optimized scenarios Complete recreation of the supply chain based on the optimization result. Also allows visualization and comparison of optimization results.
Each demand/budget period generates several scenarios. Users can set up a simulation workbench to compare scenario results and obtain information on shipment details.
Users can enable changes in several different tables or select required fields in a table and define data rules to specify changes.
Transportation, warehousing and stock simulation. Nodes support the joint optimization of production, storage, stock and primary and secondary transport.
Visualization and export of results through dashboards and spreadsheets Dashboards allow you to consult, edit and interpret data graphically and dynamically.
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