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The demands of the end consumer and the growing online market have forced companies that carry out capillary or last mile distribution to professionalize the supply chain in order to reduce delivery times and the physical distance from your warehouses in urban and residential environments.

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Last mile software that takes you to the next level

At Hedyla we offer the necessary tools to automate, digitize and optimize the last mile distribution network. Improve the performance of your logistics processes and maximize the productivity of your resources and assets. thanks to our softwareware
last-mile delivery.

Reduce your last mile distribution costs
Reduce route times, distances covered and fuel
Reduce the planning time of your delivery routes

What is last mile delivery software?

The Last Mile software is a technological tool used to manage the logistics and delivery of products. The objective is to simplify and coordinate the final stages of the distribution process from the logistics center, which may be the customer's home or a nearby assembly point, to the final destination.


This type of software usually offers features such as planning efficient delivery routes, tracking of deliveries in real time, assignment of tasks to drivers or suppliers, managing inventory control at delivery locations and, in some cases, direct communication tools between customers, delivery drivers and companies.
The optimization Last mile delivery software is essential for e-commerce companies, delivery utilities and any business that needs to deliver products in an efficient and timely manner to end customers. This software helps reduce costs, increase customer satisfaction and increase operational efficiency in your supply chain.

Main features of last mile software

Automatically and optimally and easily handles all the information generated by capillary distribution in day-to-day operations.
Instantly geolocate all new customers when you receive new orders. Also geolocate your fleet and track delivery.
Inform your client of delays in the delivery of products automatically due to incidents in the supply or in the last-mile distribution.
Monitor the temperature in the cold compartments and make sure that you meet your standards of quality and service to the end consumer.
Control and generate performance reports of your capillary distribution to fulfill your logistics KPIs' and make operational and strategic decisions.
Evaluate with the scenario simulator the outsourcing of the last mile distribution and know the associated logistics costs.
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Advantages of last mile software for your company

Last mile software has become a valuable ally for companies that want to optimize your logistical operations. This tool offers several benefits that have a direct impact on the efficiency and profitability of your business.

First, the last-mile software provides a complete view and in real-time of all logistics activities. This allows you to manage your deliveries more accurately and efficiently and to optimize routes and delivery times. Access to up-to-date data enables you to take more informed decisions and faster, improving their ability to adapt to changes in demand or traffic conditions.

This technology also helps to reduce operating costs by reducing downtime, optimizing resource utilization and preventing delivery failures. The automation of key processes, such as routing and fleet management, streamlines operations and reduces human error, resulting in more accurate and consistent delivery times and increased customer satisfaction.
Last-mile software also improve the customer experience with real-time tracking options, delivery notifications and the ability to customize delivery details based on personal preferences. Improving the customer experience can increase loyalty and referrals to your company.
Implementing last-mile software in the logistics business not only increases operational efficiency, but also has a positive impact on customer satisfaction and cost reduction, making it a important tool to remain competitive in today's market.

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