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Parcel services have a large volume of deliveries distributed by zones, in which a percentage of them are redeliveries due to a high rate of incidents. The implementation of technological solutions, such as parcel software, that automate the planning and management of incidents, in addition to using the geolocation of orders, becomes essential to improve the percentage of successful deliveries.

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At Hedyla we offer the tools that take your logistics business to the next level with our software for parcel companies. Optimize every shipment and efficiently manage your logistics chain with our parcel management software. 

Reduce route times, distances covered and fuel
Reduce the cost of your last mile routes by eliminating returns because the customer is not at home
Reduce the planning and tracking time of your delivery routes

What is parcel management software?

The software for parcel management is a comprehensive solution that streamlines and simplifies all aspects of parcel handling for logistics companies. The software for courier companies centrally and efficiently manages all stages of the delivery process, from receipt to final delivery.

This tool allows you to register, track and manage each individual package, enabling accurate inventory management and complete shipment tracking. It also automates tasks such as the creation of shipping labels, providing optimal routing and document management, streamlining processes and reducing errors.

Integration capabilities with third-party transportation and logistics systems allow for a synchronization information, a better way to coordination between the different stages of the transportation process and the optimization of delivery times.

Parcel management software is a key tool for parcel delivery companies, as it provides efficiency and accuracy in tracking and tracing, improve customer experience by ensuring on-time delivery and real-time tracking of shipments.

Main features of the package software

Optimizes the planning of a large volume of deliveries for different assigned delivery zones.
Monitor the delivery of products to the customer and receive or communicate personalized notifications and alerts to your customers.
Automatically inform your customer of delays in the delivery of goods due to incidents.
Instantly geolocate all new customers when you receive new orders. Also geolocate your fleet and track delivery.
Improves delivery incident management, reduces re-delivery attempts and orders returned to the warehouse.
It allows planning with different types of fleet such as vans, trucks, motorcycles, bikes, scooters, on foot, or with public transport.
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Advantages of parcel management software for your company

The implementation of software for packaging can provide your company with a variety of logistical benefits. First of all, this parcel and courier system provides a complete, real-time overview of all parcel operations, which allows for a efficient management from receipt to final delivery.
Automation of key processes such as shipping label creation, optimal routing and inventory management, reduces significantly the errors and streamlines operations. This improve operational efficiency, reduces costs and makes the delivery times be more precise.
In addition, real-time monitoring provides tranquility to your customers by continuously tracking their packages, improving the customer experience and giving them confidence in your business.
Integration with third-party logistics and transportation systems ensures seamless collaboration and supply chain optimization, improving adaptability to market demands and enabling a flexible and accurate decision making.
Parcel software can give your company greater operational efficiency, improve customer experience, optimize your supply chain and enable you to manage all aspects of parcel processing, parcel systems and messaging with greater accuracy and flexibility.

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