App for drivers

Improves control, communication and operations management in freight transportation.

Drivers and Sales App

With the app for drivers and professionals you will improve...

Vehicle GPS and app geolocation

Tracking of shipments

Carriers can see in real time the location and status of shipments in their care. This allows them to be aware of any problems or delays and provide accurate updates to customers.

Allocation of routes and loads

With the app, drivers and professionals can see the details of the cargo, the delivery address and/or delivery deadline.

Warehouse activities planning
Resources Management

Documentation and invoicing

The app makes it easy to generate and send relevant documents, such as invoices, vouchers and freight orders.

Communication and messaging

The app for drivers and professionals has internal messaging functions to facilitate communication between drivers, operators and customers.
Drivers communication
Route optimizer

Navigation and maps

The app helps drivers find the best route and avoid traffic or unsafe routes.

Control of driving hours

The app allows you to keep track of driving hours and rest times, ensuring compliance with transportation regulations and laws.
Software that adapts to your schedule and operations
Route optimizer - Logistics software

Temperature and charging condition indicator

When transporting sensitive goods, such as food or products, the app for drivers and professionals can indicate the temperature at which an order should go or the temperature at which the truck should go.


Carriers can see their updated routes.
Billing notifications and alerts
Real time notifications

Reports and analysis

Applications can generate reports on carrier performance, route efficiency and other relevant data to improve planning and decision making.

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