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Optimize your logistics processes, reduce costs, avoid mistakes and save time with Hedyla's logistics software.

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The modular platform that allows you to optimally manage the logistics of your company

Route optimizer

Planifica tus rutas de forma automática y realiza el seguimiento de las entregas en tiempo real.
  • Mejora la productividad de distribución
  • Ahorra costes y tiempo de planificación
  • Disminuye las distancias recorridas

TMS - Transport Management System

Gestiona y optimiza la carga para tu flota de vehículos de todo tipo.
  • Automatización de tareas
  • Complete visibility of operations
  • Savings in transportation costs

Supply Chain Simulator

Mejora tus procesos realizando simulaciones y encontrando la mejor estrategia para tu logística y transporte
  • Automatización de tareas
  • Complete visibility of operations
  • Savings in transportation costs

Great companies trust us

What do our clients say about us?

Cesar Salvado
César Salvadó Vila Viniteca

Changing logistics. With the implementation of the software we have changed our preparation and delivery processes, being able to plan the preparation in the warehouse and above all knowing at all times the status of the actual delivery.

Carmen Calama - Mahou San Miguel
Carmen Calama Mahou San Miguel

Thanks to Hedyla, in addition to having the optimal photo of the distribution network and annual interchangeability in an agile manner, we can work on future scenarios for strategic decision making regarding the development of the supply chain and its impact on both costs and operations.

Guillermo Sanchez-Infantes
Guillermo Sánchez-Infantes Campofrío Food Group

Easy to implement. A very good tool and an excellent implementation team. Quick to implement new requirements.

Ángel Toro
Ángel Toro Logística Tandem

Excellent fleet and client management tool. We feel very comfortable working together with the Hedyla team, they always have ideas and suggestions to achieve the best result and continue with the digital growth of our company.

Jordi Ricou
Jordi Ricou Canary Consulting Services

Technology adapted to the future of the supply chain. Excellent experience with a great professional and flexible team.

Eduardo Cáceres
Eduardo Cáceres Taisa Logistics

It adapts to customer needs. Traceability, real-time information, and savings in order management time.

    Why choose Hedyla?

    Easy to use

    The simplest and most intuitive interface to optimally manage your routes.


    Añade nuevas funcionalidades para cubrir tus necesidades en todas tus etapas.


    Adapt the system completely to your operation to get the most out of it.

    Applied to multiple industries

    Food & Beverages

    Optimize your production and manufacturing, track your deliveries.


    Daily dynamic routes, with dynamic restrictions and reverse logistics.

    Logistics operators

    Increase the efficiency of your operations applying the latest technologies.

    Pharmaceutical distribution

    Static routes with narrow delivery windows and excellent service.

    Supermarket chains

    Daily routes with multiple warehouses, shifts and vehicles with different temperatures.

    Dangerous goods

    Optimal routes that meet the requirements for ADR transport.

    Improve the efficiency of your processes

    Time executing routes
    Time planning
    CO2 gas emissions
    Logistics costs
    Data-driven decision making
    Avoid planning mistakes
    Optimize your resources

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