Analytics and reporting

Control and generate reports of your logistics processes for making operational and strategic decisions.


The analytics and reporting will make you improve...

Fleet performance

Control the fulfillment of your KPIs'

Verify compliance with your logistics and business KPIs' through a graphical environment that facilitates the monitoring of the global operation of all ongoing and historical activities.

Control the productivity of your logistics resources

Control the individual and collective productivity of all your resources: operators, drivers, processes and vehicles, among others.

Activities planning

Customize your metrics, your analytics and your listings

Define and configure your graphs and analytical metrics to customize it to your use case and your sector, as well as the needs of management and the company itself.

Configure notifications and alerts in real time

Improve the detection of anomalies receiving notifications and alerts in real time to react quickly to any unforeseen production or service change.

Real time notifications
Resources Management

Manage information for better decision making

Make decisions based on useful, reliable and parameterized information from a global vision of your logistics operations.

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