Case study

Nobre Alimentação

Campofrío Food Group is a European leader in processed meat products and one of the five largest companies in the world in this sector. The multinational has distribution plants in Spain, Portugal, Italy, France and Romania.

The Challenge

Nobre Alimentação is the company with which Campofrío Food Group works in the Portuguese market. It is the leading brand in the meat products market in that country and has occupied this position in the ranking for 50 years.

Nobre was looking for digital tools that would allow the improvement and visibility of its processes, in this case the planning of distribution routes to the end customer and the tracking of deliveries through a mobile application.

Quality of service and sustainability are also key aspects for the company.

The main problems in the operation before implementing the solution were:

Cliente Campofrío

Project year: 2020

Modules: Route Optimizer + Drivers App

Vehicles: more than 30 vehicles

Distribution type: to stores

Almacenes: multiple warehouses throughout Portugal, also cross-docking platforms.

  • Planning was done manually and with completely static routes.
  • Delivery schedules were known only to the carriers, so it was impossible to evaluate the quality of service.
  • The status of deliveries was known only to the drivers, so calls between salesmen and drivers were very common.

"Easy to implement. Very good tool and excellent implementation team. Quick to implement new requirements."
Guillermo Sanchez-Infantes
Guillermo sánchez-Infantes
COE Transport & Logistics Director at Campofrío Food Group

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