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How to make life easier for carriers with a virtual assistant

November 10, 2022 - 17:00 to 17:45 PM (Spain)

Thanks to the route optimizer not only transport management is improved, but also delivery is made easier.

But how can we make life even easier for carriers?

In this webinar we are going to talk about what a virtual assistant is and what are the benefits of using it. We want to introduce you to the new co-pilot in transportation, the virtual assistant.

Jose M Juan - Gandolapp
Jose M. Juan

CEO & Co-Founder at Gandolapp

Carlos J Rosales - Gandolapp
Carlos J. Rosales

CTO & Co-Founder at Gandolapp

Edgar Chandre - Mobilidad Sostenible
Edgar Chandre

CEO & Co-Founder at Washa Logistics

Andreu Araque - Webinar Mobilidad Sostenible
Andreu Araque

CEO & Co-Founder at Hedyla

Webinar language: spanish