Case study

Vila Viniteca

Vila Viniteca is one of the most important wine distributors in Europe, as well as one of the leading companies specialized in wines and spirits.

The Challenge

Vila Viniteca was looking for digital tools to improve internal processes, in this case the planning of e-commerce and in-store distribution routes and tracking of deliveries through a mobile application.

In addition, Vila Viniteca was looking to improve order preparation and provide real-time visibility of order status to its sales staff.

Quality of service and sustainability are also key aspects for the company.

The main problems in the operation before implementing the solution were:

Cliente Vila Viniteca

Project year: 2020

Modules: Route Optimizer + Driver App + Commercial App

Vehicles: more than 30 vehicles

Delegations: 2, Barcelona y Madrid

Distribution type: e-commerce, hospitality and retail

  • Planning was done manually and the drivers themselves decided on the routes.
  • The preparation of the orders for loading onto the vehicles could not be done until the last moment.
  • The status of deliveries was known only to the drivers, so calls between salesmen and drivers were very common.
"With the implementation of the software we have changed our preparation and delivery processes, being able to plan the preparation in the warehouse and above all knowing at every moment the status of the actual delivery of the goods."
Cesar Salvado
César Salvadó
CTO at Vila Viniteca

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