Case study

Mahou San Miguel

100% Spanish family-owned company, leader in the brewing sector in Spain with a production share of more than 32%. It has 10 brewing centers - eight in Spain and two in the USA -, four water springs with their bottling plants and a team of close to 4,000 professionals.

The Challenge

Mahou San Miguel was immersed in a framework project for the definition and improvement of the supply chain.

It wanted to review its industrial footprint and its logistics based on its strategy of interchangeability of references between different production sites.

Mahou San Miguel is also recognized for its innovation and commitment to sustainability.

In short, Mahou San Miguel was looking for a solution that, among other functionalities, would allow them to:

Logo Mahou San MIguel

Project year: 2021

Modules: Optimizer and operation map simulation tool (nodes)

For the simulation we have taken into account the industrial area with the company's factories and springs, the logistics area with the company's own and rented warehouses and the transportation and the different products and formats that the company distributes.

  • Optimization of their assets while maintaining or improving the quality of service.
  • Validate and redefine the distribution strategy.
  • Analysis and possible optimization of its adherence to the forecast.
  • Continue the process of digitalization and automation of production planning.
"For Mahou San Miguel, the review and optimization of the Operations map is essential to ensure the guarantee of supply to our customers in a sustainable way and, in parallel, to respond to their needs in an efficient manner. Thanks to Hedyla, in addition to having the optimal photo of the distribution network and annual interchangeability in an agile manner, we can work on future scenarios for strategic decision making regarding the development of the supply chain and its impact on both costs and operations."
Carmen Calama - Mahou San Miguel
Carmen Calama
Logistics Director at Mahou San Miguel

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