Case study

Betsaide SAL

Betsaide is an iron foundry located in Elorrio (Bizkaia) that supplies machined, painted and assembled nodular iron parts to reference customers in the automotive and truck industry, as well as other strategic sectors.

The Challenge

Betsaide SAL produce desde 1989 piezas en hierro dúctil y austemperizado (ADI) hasta 20 kg de peso utilizando 3 máquinas de moldeo DISAMATIC con tecnología de última generación. Así mismo, gestiona más de 50 proveedores de operaciones sobre pieza para obtener un producto más acabado para sus clientes.

Betsaide had an interest in the implementation of the of a software for planning and tracking of deliveries and vehicles.

Quality of service and sustainability are also key aspects for the company.

The main problems in the operation before implementing the solution were:

Logo Betsaide

Project year: 2022

Modules: Oroute optimizer

Vehicles: 8 vehículos

Distribution type: capillar distribution

Almacenes: 1

  • Planning was created manually and/or on periodic routes already created. There was dependence on the knowledge and experience of the workers.
  • Multiple trucks waiting at the same position.
  • Non-compliance with loading/unloading windows at suppliers. Need to locate vehicles in real time.
  • Need to optimize loads along with routes. Move full truckloads vs. half-truckloads.
  • Do not go to suppliers every day out of habit if it is not necessary because of the load.
"With the implementation of the software we have improved our material flow management processes in the supply chain and in our facilities. We have improved the planning process, media optimization, movements and lead times. As well as we have avoided inefficiencies in the movement of materials by ensuring the correct and efficient flow of materials."
marta gutierrez - Betsaide
Marta Gutiérrez Burón
Director of Planning and Logistics at Betsaide

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