Improve your distribution

Optimize costs and improve quality of service in last-mile distribution

Planificación, optimización y seguimiento de rutas
Planificación de rutas con asistente para detectar errores

Route planning

Find automatically the best delivery routes for multiple clients.

Delivery tracking

Track your fleet deliveries in real time.
Seguimiento de las entregas desde la plataforma web de Hedyla
App móvil de seguimiento de entregas

Drivers and Sales App

Our mobile app for drivers and sales tracking is now available for Android and iOS devices.

Scenario simulations

Simulate fleet and demand changes.
Simulador de rutas de distribución
Gestión de clientes, vehículos y conductores

Resource management

Keep control of your clients, vehicles, drivers and other business restrictions.

Vehicle sensorization

Collect and monitor data from vehicle GPS and sensors.
Vehicle sensorization
Autofacturación para rutas y proveedores de transporte

Drivers auto-billing

Automatically bill external drivers according to their rates.

Custom integrations

Easily integrate your current systems with Hedyla platform.
Integración con Excel, SAP, Navision, Reflex Solutions, Access y por API

Already integrated with

TMS integrado con SAP
TMS integrado con Oracle
TMS integrado con Microsoft Dynamics NAV - Navision
Optimización de rutas integrado con Reflex Solutions
Integración con Excel
Microsoft Access

Our platform provides

Diverse analytics

AI analysis using tailored algorithms to different use cases in logistics.​

Cloud access

Access your data securely at any time, anywhere and from all your devices.​

Automated decisions

Feed your current systems with the information provided by the platform.

Painless integration​

Ready to be integrated with any system. Quick set-up time. No service interruption.​

Relevant metrics

Clear and specific data to improve strategic decision making.​

Real time

Continuous information about operations, anomalies and alerts.​

Applied to multiple industries

Food & Drinks

Deliveries with multiple time windows and movement constraints.


Static routes with narrow delivery windows and excellent service.


Dynamic routes with new incoming points of delivery and constraints.

Supermarket chains

Daily routes with multiple returns to warehouse for loading purposes.