Drivers billing

Provide your administrative department with control over the payment for services provided to external carriers according to their rates.

Drivers billing

The drivers invoicing make you improve...

Vehicles grouping based on restrictions

Group drivers according to restrictions

Generate groups of drivers or medium / long distance transportation provider companies, or capillary distribution for each traffic manager, region or warehouse.

Customize pricing

Define personalized rates for each driver or transport provider according to your agreements reached and their particular metric: €/route, €/km, €/delivery, €/Kg, €/pallet, €/boxes, among others.

Customize pricing
Visualize costs

View your current costs

Review the total costs of each driver or transport provider with different filters, in a parameterized and personalized way, based on the routes generated and proposed by the system.

Automate the billing and payment process

Automate the billing process for each driver or transportation provider based on associated costs for a specified period of time.

Drivers billing
Billing notifications and alerts

Set up billing notifications and alerts

Establish your notifications and alerts so as not to exceed the transports agreed with the outsourced logistics operators, and thus, maximize your savings in logistics services.

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