Simple integration​

Easily integrate the Hedyla platform into your information systems without modifying your current architecture.


The simple integration will make you improve...

Integrations - software hedyla

Integration with the main information systems

Already integrated with the main information systems that are currently implemented in companies such as Oracle, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics or Navision, among others.

Integration with files and data repositories

Enable simple integrations through excel, csv, xml or other types of files according to the data structure of your company and the communication between logistics and business processes.

Drivers and Sales App

Custom integration

Customized integration to adapt to the management of the company. Hedyla platform could be integrated with your ERP, TMS, SGA, or other departmental administrative, financial or HR management modules.

Implementation projects in a short period of time

To implement our modular software are not required long and complex projects as is often the case in IT projects. In a few weeks you will have it in your production environment.

Simulación de escenarios - Simulación de nuevos mercados
Logistics and distribution software

We take on the burden of integration with your systems

Your collaboration is needed to implement the Hedyla platform. However, we assume the weight of integration by adapting in time and manner based on iterations with the AGILE methodology

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