Software customization

Total adaptability and flexibility to your operations, your information systems and your business logic.

Software customization

The software customization will make you improve...

Customizable logistics software

Customized software to suit you

Hedyla's software is modular to adapt to your needs. Likewise, we can customize functionalities and restrictions for each module in particular and adjust as much as possible to your use case.

Total flexibility to your schedule and your operations

We adapt to your situation and your current workload. We initiate projects when both parties can initiate them, reducing the impact of change management within your organization.

Software that adapts to your schedule and operations
It adapts to your industry and company

Flexibility in adapting to your sector and enterprise

Already working with pioneering companies in different sectors such as retail, mass consumption, pharmacy or e-commerce, among others. A versatile platform is required to adapt to so many different environments.

Listening to your needs and proposals

Hedyla's software is subject to continuous improvement. We are constantly listening to our clients to find out their needs, their proposals for improvement and constant adaptation to a dynamic environment.

We listen to your needs
Software developed by us

Developing our own software

The intellectual property and software development is done by experienced AI and Big Data engineers from Hedyla Technologies. There is total flexibility in adapting our software to your sector and enterprise.

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