Looking ahead to 2023

During this 2022 the logistics sector has had its ups and downs, it has been a roller coaster. In addition to the crisis in the supply chain, there has been an increase in fuel prices, job creation in the sector has stagnated and now the logistics industry is warning of a 5% drop in shipments.

But not everything is negative. The growing interest in and importance of process digitalization has once again added value to our software, and this has strengthened our position.

2022 has been a year where new customers have bet on our solution and existing ones have continued to trust us. The Hedyla team has consolidated and has made a great effort.

Thanks also to the strong investment received for product creation, we have developed the new version of TMS and the creation of new products such as WMS.

Hedyla's visibility in networks and social media has grown exponentially and our participation in events, fairs and activities has been recognized.

But let's take a closer look at some key points as we look ahead to 2023:


Once again this year we must congratulate each and every member of the Hedyla team for the great work done. Thanks to everyone we continue to take logistics to the next level. Some have left the ship but others have wanted to join us on this journey, which will undoubtedly take us to new destinations with which to undertake new projects and continue with those that are underway.

Mirando hacia el 2023 - equipo Hedyla
The entire Hedyla team

“We at Hedyla expect the growth trend of new projects to continue. Consolidating the new version of the product has undoubtedly been a great challenge”.

Andreu Araque, CEO and Co-Founder at Hedyla.


2022 has been a record year in terms of turnover and sales. We have added 30 new clients from different sectors and verticals to our existing portfolio, including Campofrío España, Innovalogic, Smith&Nephew, Cárnicas Tello, Procubitos

Some new sectors we have entered, such as passenger transportation, with Gómez Family. We have also set foot in the Latin American market with Correo Uruguayo.

We have also opted for Partnerships such Fagor Electrónica, Tookane or Firmar Online to consolidate our product offering and in 2023 we will continue to work with them to work on commercial scalability.

“This year 2022 has been the year of expansion that Hedyla needed to establish itself as a company. The fruits of months of hard work and effort have been harvested. We hope to maintain the same rate of growth in 2023 and, above all, to consolidate everything we have achieved to date”.

Ferran Lavilla, Commercial Director at Hedyla.


A tough year for the engineering team, which has put all its efforts into moving all new and existing projects forward. The focus has also been on product development. The consolidated team has been joined by the trust placed in it by major companies, all of which has been discussed above. The new product enhancement during this 2022 is key to faster developments and to cover more functionalities and use cases needed in logistics.

By 2023, by replacing the current product with the new one, we will have a complete product offering for transportation. This will lead to a large increase of daily users of Hedyla software. Large projects such as Campofrío or Innovalogic will make it possible to use it in trucks and/or vehicles.


During 2022 we have been present in several events as exhibitors (e-show Barcelona, SIL Barcelona, BNEW Barcelona, Logistics & Automation Madrid, Smart City Expo Barcelona). We have also visited other fairs such as Pick & Pack Madrid, Inter SICOP Madrid, Mobile World Congress Barcelona, Meat Attraction Madrid, Alimentaria Barcelona, Fruit Attraction Madrid, among many others. We have been invited to participate with some talks such as Supply Chain and Logistics Congress - The Procurement, online and in Milan or the French Chamber of Barcelona. All of them have given us the opportunity to meet new customers and also discover what their needs are.

This 2023 will be a year where our participation as exhibitors will grow. To last year's events we will also add the Internet of Things in Barcelona and the Logistics & Automation in Bilbao. We have a long year ahead of us and we are sure that Hedyla's participation will grow.

We continue to work to be even more visible in networks and media and to take logistics to the next level.

“The work done by Hedyla's marketing and communication department during 2022 has paid off. Many people have congratulated us for our efforts. We have focused on visibility. In 2023 we will continue to work not only on this but also on product”.

Raquel Pérez, Marketing and Communications Manager at Hedyla.

We are looking forward to a 2023 full of projects and challenges. We have already recharged our batteries and are more than ready to carry them all out. 

We would like to thank all the customers who have trusted us during this 2022. Without you, this trip would not be possible. ¡Thank you!

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