Team Building Hedyla

Two weeks ago on Friday, the Hedyla team gathered at the Viladecans headquarters for our team building event and we started with several Kahoots to break the ice and get to know our colleagues better.

In addition, part of the team gave us a presentation on the operation of the logistics nodes project that had been under development for quite some time.

Next, we started with our first meeting of this year's semester, in which we have managed to develop 5 major projects, which will help us to meet our objectives for this year, including our growth as a company.

team building hedyla 2

After lunch, we headed to the rented rural house near the Costa Brava where we were surrounded by animals. Both inside and outside the rural house, various activities were organized, from pool games to werewolf/mafia type games and Mario Kart tournaments.

Through all these activities, we have gotten to know each other better, bonded and generated new memories to continue working as a team.

We want to thank you for having a wonderful and talented team that continues to grow and work hard every day to take logistics to the next level.

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