5 aspects to promote Competitive Sustainability

Many companies in all types of sectors are already committing to more sustainable actions in their activities. However, it is not enough to want to be more environmentally friendly; we must also strive for competitive sustainability. In other words, actions and initiatives must be sufficiently competent and attractive for companies to start applying them.

This issue is very relevant for the logistics and transportation sector due to its relatively high environmental impact and the increase of vehicle restrictions in cities. Here are some competitive sustainability initiatives to make a difference:

Urban warehouses

If transportation costs are higher, the longer the distance to be traveled, the greater the outlay the company will have to make. One of the most effective solutions to this problem is urban warehousing. What is different from a conventional warehouse is that urban warehouses are located in or around large cities in order to be close to demand.

Notably, they have been a growing trend in the e-commerce sector and in any industry that requires last-mile delivery. While it is true that reducing distance reduces emissions, the supply chain would not be efficient if warehouse operations are not efficient either. Therefore, a picking optimizer can help streamline your urban warehouse.

Unify shipments

Tal y como se mencionó en el webinar de movilidad sostenible, no es ecológico comprar de 4 e-commerces distintos y que el envío lo efectúen 3 empresas de transporte diferentes para que lleguen a tu dirección a una hora similar. Por lo tanto, algunas empresas, sobre todo las grandes, han considerado otorgar la posibilidad de unificar los envíos.

That means that several shipping companies would have to agree on who does the shipping or give the consumer the option to choose the company itself. Such actions are currently very difficult for SMEs to carry out, unlike large companies such as Amazon, which already provide this possibility of applying competitive sustainability.

sostenibilidad competitiva 2

Smart Lockers

You may already know or have seen smart ticketing in your city (particularly if it is a large city). It is undoubtedly one of the most effective competitive sustainability bets to reduce last-mile routes and avoid traffic congestion that causes much of the air pollution.

On the one hand, it is a great advantage for consumers who are not usually present in their homes or workplaces because they can pick up their orders at the desired time. On the other hand, since the pandemic e-commerce boom, other consumers have become accustomed to receiving their orders conveniently at home, so it will be difficult to change these habits.

Regulating loading/unloading zones

Several transport companies usually operate independently of each other. For this reason, inconveniences such as delays and traffic congestion caused by waiting in already busy loading areas are very common.

Initiatives such as Smou 's application allows all carriers to be informed and hyper-connected to see which loading and unloading zones are free or occupied. In this way, these companies operating in the same area and time slot agree to make their delivery routes as smooth as possible.

Immediacy of deliveries

As mentioned above, the consumer is already increasingly accustomed to receiving packages with a speed never seen before, especially with additional services such as Amazon's well-known Prime. In fact, it is one of the common challenges where other companies are struggling to meet the increasing demand for shorter delivery times.

However, it is known that this practice causes traffic congestion, increasing CO₂ emissions. Among the solutions that can be taken to face such requirement, the application of a route optimizer, the change to electric vehicles or other fuel, among others, stand out.


There is still a lot of work to be done before sustainable initiatives have a profitable enough profit margin to be considered by more logistics and transportation companies. If competitiveness is encouraged by these cleaner actions, the industry will ultimately see a real advantage over sustainability.

At Hedyla, we support the competitive sustainability of logistics operations while maintaining their efficiency. Therefore, our services are always result-oriented.  

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