Looking ahead to 2024

2023 has been a year of great changes for Hedyla, in which the company has matured and strengthened itself, both at product and team level, to face the challenges of the coming years.

During this year, Hedyla has experienced a remarkable progress at both product and commercial level. Numerous functionalities have been developed and marketed with great success, in order to offer a more complete product covering the most important logistics processes. These developments have enabled our customers to improve operational efficiency, reduce costs and adapt quickly to an increasingly dynamic market.

We have also strengthened our strategic alliances, working closely with leading companies in the logistics industry to integrate cutting-edge technologies into our products. This has positioned us as a benchmark in innovation and has enabled us to offer more complete solutions adapted to the changing needs of our customers.

The past year has taught us valuable lessons. As we faced unexpected challenges, we also discovered our capacity for adaptation and resilience. The pandemic, changes in trade regulations and fluctuations in market demand reminded us of the importance of flexibility and agility in our approach.

Our team came together with determination and creativity to overcome obstacles, reinforcing our collaborative culture and our commitment to excellence in delivering logistics software solutions.


The team has matured, we have consolidated processes in the different departments and we have worked to improve the internal organization to be able to provide utility to a larger number of clients, combining a reorganization of the team with the intense development of new functionalities.

Mirando hacia el 2024 - equipo Hedyla

In this regard, the appointment of Víctor Dorado as the new Director of Engineering, focused on leading and organizing product development.

"In 2024 we will reinforce the team with specialized profiles and expertise in very specific areas. The current team is the foundation of the project, it has grown and gained a lot of experience in these almost 5 years and Hedyla is what it is thanks to the team we have managed to put together."

Andreu Araque, CEO at Hedyla


The year 2023 was once again a record year in terms of turnover and sales. The main objective of the sales team was to consolidate the existing customer portfolio achieved in the expansion carried out in 2021 and 2022, and to give extra support to the engineering team with the challenges we had at the product level. We believe that we have more than achieved both objectives.

It is also worth mentioning that in 2023 we have added a total of 20 new customers, among them renowned companies such as Pikolín, Condis Supermercats, Ametller Origen and Carrefour. Undoubtedly, these collaborations help us to continue improving our product and add new challenges for the future.

Although international expansion is not currently a business objective for Hedyla, we also mention the entry into markets in which we were not currently operating such as the Italian, English and Mexican markets through various new collaborations.

"In 2024 our main objective must be to further consolidate the company and increase the satisfaction of our existing customers. From the commercial department we will continue to provide a high quality of service to our customers in customer follow-up and support, and we must consolidate Hedyla's presence and visibility in the national market. To do so, our TMS must have a greater weight in our product mix and we need to increase our impact in the Long Distance Transport sector".

Ferran Lavilla, Sales Manager at Hedyla


In the course of the year 2023, we have experienced a remarkable breakthrough at the product level. We have dedicated ourselves to the evolution and development of a new modular product version, Transport Management System (TMS), which is already being used by most of our customers.

This new version gives us the ability to manage not only everything that was possible in the previous version, especially with regard to the last mile, but also encompasses the comprehensive management of transportation through the TMS. Now, from a single platform, we can manage crucial aspects such as rates, invoices, trips, carriers, suppliers, crossdockings, Proof of Deliveries (PoDs), customer portal, carrier portal, among others. In addition, we offer infinite flexibility in the management of users and roles.

The past year has been a period of intense work on the product side, where numerous innovative functionalities have been incorporated to shape a complete and agile tool for integrated transport management.

"The year 2023 marked a period of significant new developments with the implementation of the latest version of the product. By 2024, the engineering department will focus on advancing even further in terms of agility, adaptability and scalability of the product."

Víctor Dorado, Engineering Director at Hedyla


This 2023 has been full of events both as visitors (4YFN & MWC Barcelona, Advanced Factories, Fruit Attraction, Infarma Barcelona among others) and exhibitors (IOTSWC Barcelona, Empack Bilbao, Pick & Pack Madrid, SIL Barcelona and Logistics & Automation Madrid).

We have participated in interesting conferences such as Soluciones Digitales a los Retos de la Logística, AgroTech, InnoDelta Hack and won awards such as the Premis Delta and Premis Startup.

All this has helped us not only to be more visible and make our product known, but also to contact potential customers.

This past year we have played an important role in consolidating and promoting the Hedyla brand. We have strengthened our presence and expanded our influence in social networks, increasing interaction with potential customers and consolidating relationships with the logistics community.

"One more year the work done from the marketing and communication department has been valued very positively by our followers. This 2024 we are excited about the opportunities ahead and to continue to grow, learn and evolve in our constant effort to exceed expectations and set new standards in communication and marketing in the logistics industry."

Raquel Pérez, Marketing and Communications Manager at Hedyla.

Looking ahead to 2024

The coming year promises to be an exciting and challenging period. We are excited to continue to innovate and take our logistics technology to new levels.

Our goal this year is to continue advancing to become a benchmark in logistics software, first nationally, but without losing sight of the international market. Consolidate current customers, expanding the functionalities and improving the current ones, to offer the best TMS in quality / price ratio for both manufacturers and logistics operators of different sizes.

In addition, we are committed to continue growing as a responsible company, adopting sustainable practices and contributing to the development of a more efficient and environmentally friendly logistics industry.

2023 has been a year of challenges overcome and achievements celebrated. Looking back, we appreciate the progress we have made and are excited about the potential that the coming year offers. At Hedyla we are ready to face the challenges and opportunities that 2024 holds for us, always maintaining our commitment to innovation and excellence in the development of logistics software.

Let's keep going!

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