Beyond Distribution Planning

Whether you are a wholesaler, a logistics company, or have a small business that needs distribution, you have probably encountered the problem in your fleet planning, including:

    • Which vehicles to use.
    • The client orders that will be delivered by every vehicle.
    • The arrangement of the deliveries.
    • The hour when the deliveries should start.

Even though it may seem simple to manually plan this, you will soon find that it’s a hard task: not all the vehicles can deliver all the orders, the capacity of each van is limited, and the customers expect the delivery in a certain hour range, amongst many other constraints specific to every business.

Beyond basic Distribution Planning and how to solve it

Furthermore, the are many possible ways to plan your routes, and only a few really save resources, including fuel and vehicles.

Imagine that you have to plan the path of a single vehicle that needs to deliver 10 orders: there are 3,628,800 possible ways to do this, and only ONE of those is the shortest one that meets with your constraints.

If, instead of 10 orders, there are 20 orders and 4 vehicles, the ways to plan your fleet are about 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000. Can you manually find the best one? If you do, then call us, we will hire you!

Hedyla Distribution Planner

In Hedyla we have created algorithms of Artificial Intelligence that are specifically tailored for logistics distribution, being very precise, efficient, and providing plans that make the best use of your resources while improving your quality of service.

We know that even the most advanced algorithm is useless if it is not easy to use. That’s why we crafted our cloud platform to hide all the complexity while providing the best results: forget about configuring a thousand parameters to get your plan.

Just upload an Excel file with your orders, and we’ll do the rest, you’ll receive your plan in a matter of seconds, in a visual and intuitive way. If you want to make changes, just drag a client from a route to other: we will perform the simulation and tell you the new arrival times.

Hedyla solution can integrate with multiple ERPs, so you don’t even have to upload an Excel file. Every day, we will generate the best plan, keep track of the deliveries thanks to our Tracking app, and give you analytics about what happened and will happen regarding your distribution.

What If...?

Did you ever wonder how would your distribution improve if your company had two more vehicles? Or if your routes started one hour before? What if I could deliver to this client until 18h instead of 17h?

Hedyla allows you to simulate any situation and to precisely know what would have happened: the money you would save, the quality of service, … so you can decide whether you should change your distribution strategy, without any risk.

Hedyla’s AI-powered innovative solution allows you to get the most out of your resources, keep your clients happy, in the simplest way. Don’t hesitate to contact us to get a demo!

Planificación de tu flota

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