Do you want to know how to reduce costs in fleet management?

Objective: to reduce costs in vehicle fleet management. This is the goal pursued by every logistics manager who wants to position his business as a leader in the sector. Although it is a complex task to carry out, in this article we are going to give you some keys to achieve it.

First of all we should know the causes of these high costs and how with digital technologies we are going to solve them.

  1. High fuel costs. Minimizing fuel consumption is a priority in fleet management, since it is estimated that 20% of the total cost of the fleet comes from fuel consumption.
  2. Vehicle maintenance. A correct maintenance of the fleet is a must for every company. To carry out the periodic revisions, to adopt security systems for the vehicles or to control and to solve any problem observed by a driver would be a good practice for any company, but unfortunately the lack of control in this area derives in an increase of costs of the management of fleets.
  3. Reckless driving and/or accidents. Reckless driving increases the probability of an accident and also the maintenance costs of vehicles, which suffer greater wear and tear.
  4. Costs that are unpredictable or difficult to control. Costs such as fines to drivers or fines for not having passed different vehicle inspections, even fines from insurance companies for irresponsibility on the part of carriers. Time lost in traffic jams or due to drivers' medical leave or time spent on vehicle inspections are just a few examples of costs that directly affect a company's fleet management.

"Control the geolocation of your fleet in real time via GPS for routes in progress. Make decisions about unforeseen events or emergencies by assigning tasks and diverting the vehicle with the least impact from its route."

When the time comes, we ask ourselves, how can I reduce costs in fleet management?

Intelligent solutions are here to stay and thanks to them we will not only be able to optimize much of the work but also to reduce the costs produced by it.

  1. Monitoring of vehicle fleet control activities. Among these activities we highlight fuel usage, as it is one of the activities that most increases costs for a company. We can also obtain reports on mileage and performance, including the driver who offers the best performance in fuel consumption.
  2. Vehicle fleet maintenance control. Controlling that the proper maintenance of the vehicles is being carried out allows avoiding breakdowns and is a guarantee of a good operation of the vehicles. If we want to avoid costly repairs, we must keep an adequate control of the fleet.
  3. Route optimization. Using a route planning and optimization system also helps to save costs. These systems help you to drive fewer kilometers and save on fuel. All this has an impact on reducing costs in fleet management.
  4. Increased efficiency in fleet management. Using fewer vehicles for the same service or renewing the fleet at the right time is also possible with fleet management software. 

Now you know how you can reduce costs in fleet management and the benefits it brings you by using intelligent solutions. It's time to take a step further to position your company as a leader in the industry and ask yourself if you dare and want to take your logistics to the next level. At Hedyla we will be happy to explain how to do it and offer you the solutions to make it happen.

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