7 Answers to your questions about our TMS for carriers

In the dynamic world of logistics, every detail counts. At Hedyla, we understand the complexities that carriers face on a daily basis, which is why we have developed a powerful TMS  (Transportation Management System) for carriers designed to answer the most frequently asked questions of our customers in the transportation sector.

Simplified Carrier Assignment and Management

One of the outstanding features of our TMS for carriers is the ability to easily assign drivers to vehicles in a predefined manner. This functionality not only streamlines the planning process, but also optimizes day-to-day fleet management, providing a solid foundation for efficient logistics operations.

Prioritizing Carrier Well-being

Recognizing the importance of adequate rest, our system allows for the assignment of rest schedules. This feature guarantees the regulatory compliance and, at the same time, takes care of the physical and mental well-being of the carriers, contributing to a more sustainable operation.

Transparent and Effective Communication

Incident management is fundamental in logistics, and at Hedyla, we have integrated a function that allows carriers to communicate any problems during delivery to the traffic manager. This is achieved through a system of customized alerts and notifications, improving real-time decision making.

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Route Planning Automation and Flexibility

Automating route planning is essential for operational efficiency. Our TMS for carriers enables validated routes to be automatically sent to driver applications, providing seamless synchronization between planning and execution. In addition, we offer flexibility by allowing carriers to modify their routes as needed, contributing to greater operational agility.

Empowering Carriers with Task Management

To improve communication and collaboration, our application allows you to assign notes and other tasks to carriers. This facilitates the execution of specific activities, ensuring that each task is completed efficiently and on time.

Dynamic Allocation and Optimized Rescheduling with TMS for Carriers

Real-time order allocation is possible with our TMS for carriers, enabling an agile response to changing demands. In addition, optimized replanning capabilities give traffic managers the flexibility to adapt to unforeseen situations and ensure a smooth operation.

Automatic Delivery Confirmation for an Outstanding Customer Experience

The ability to mark a delivery as completed once the vehicle is geolocated at the customer's address adds efficiency to the process. This functionality can be a key differentiator by offering a faster and more transparent customer experience.

In Hedyla, with our TMS, we believe in providing technology solutions that not only answer our customers' specific questions, but also drive innovation and efficiency in logistics management. With our TMS, we offer more than a tool, we provide a competitive advantage for modern carriers looking to stand out in a dynamic and challenging market. Find out how Hedyla is transforming logistics management and elevating the efficiency of transportation operations.

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