Customer communication in e-commerce deliveries

The online shopping revolution has arrived here and the growing demand that the e-commerce sector is experiencing is undeniable.

Customers are becoming more and more demanding in terms of delivery times, knowing where their product is, shipping prices and returns. A delay in delivery or not knowing the status of an order can lead to customer dissatisfaction and therefore to customers switching to a competitor to see if they get a better service, if the price is similar or even what the user experience is like.

One of the great challenges for both e-commerce and logistics and parcel delivery companies is customer satisfaction. A good customer experience is a determining factor in any marketing strategy, and is directly related to customer communication.

And the question to ask is ... How can we improve customer service?

Establishing interactive and direct communication with each customer and from the mobile phone allows them to know the status of their orders at any time and in real-time. The strategy to be followed (by companies) should aim to be omnichannel and allow the customer to contact the company from any channel and at any time.

Satisfying customer needs through a better experience is the objective of e-commerce and the largest companies are committed to placing the customer at the centre of the business model.

Amazon meets delivery deadlines within a time slot. In this way, the customer can organise themselvers, have a forecast of when the product arrives at its destination and ensure that they are the collection point to receive it. Amazon also allows you to follow the progress of your order in real-time via a map. 

Zara has integrated inventory management SINT. This allows their customers to receive orders from both in-store and online inventory. Efficiency and speed in delivery times are guaranteed. Zara has also implemented other value-added services such as same day delivery and next day delivery. The importance of a product arriving at the agreed time sloot is one of the keys to customer satisfaction.

In case of food delivery services, the customer is more attentive to real-time updates and how long it will take for the order to arrive at the destination, especially if it is hot food.

The large Uber Eats, real-time order tracking is available from its mobile app. This way you can create check the status of your order at all times.

With Just Eat, every time you place an order they send you a confirmation email where you can see all the necessary information, including the exact tiem the restaurant has indicated thay you will receive your order. The user experience is excellent, as well as being easy to use, you can also see updates from both the restaurant ant the delivery person at all times.

The race is on and being at the cutting edge not only in technology, but also in real-time customer communication of orders is the goal to be achieved.

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