Hedyla grows!

It seems that it was yesterday when the 3 founders started but today we are 8... and it's just the start!

We know the complexity of starting a new project, at the beginning everybody works on multiple tasks at the same time. But once the seed is germinated, it is time to delegate and for each one to carry out the function that they well master.

We want to introduce you to the new talents who already have their bags packed to be part of this great journey! In addition to the founders, Andreu Araque, Guillem Muñoz and Ismael Rodríguez, these are the members of the team:

  • Gonzalo Alcaide as Front-end Developer. Gonzalo already has some years worked in the technology sector and in his last experience he was Co-Founder of Mirror Studio, a digital agency. Hi Gonzalo, welcome to Hedyla!
  • Jacobo Romero as Front-End Developer. Jacobo has contributed with his knowledge as a developer in multiple technology companies and will now continue his career with us. Welcome Jacobo!
  • Víctor Dorado as AI Software Engineer. Victor has a degree in Telecommunications and his interests are clear: AI, IoT, Big Data, Wireless and software development. Victor, welcome to Hedyla!
  • Marco Jerome. AI Research I+D. Además de formar parte del equipo de Hedyla, Marco también es investigador y docente en la Universitat Pompeu Fabra de Barcelona. ¡Benvenuto Marco!
  • Raquel Pérez. Communications & Marketing Specialist. Raquel has been responsible for the Marketing and Communications department of several companies and accompanies SMEs in their launch into the digital world. Hello Raquel!

Estos nuevos pilares harán que crezcamos de manera más solida y así llevar al sector logístico al siguiente nivel.

Do you want to grow with us?

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