Looking ahead to 2021

2020 has been a strange year for everyone. We have experienced a lockdown of the population, the death of acquaintances or relatives, the fear and collapse of the stock markets, restrictions and closures of businesses and many other consequences of a global pandemic. Combining all this with a booming sector such as logistics and a growing startup has not been easy, but at Hedyla we have done our best to keep up with our clients and offer the best quality of service.

During this last period of the year we have met several significant goals: the launch to production of two new large clients, the acquisition of the first client outside the national territory, consolidating as an Enisa client, obtaining the Neotec grant from CDTI and hiring four new members joining the engineering and marketing team.

2021 starts full of challenges for Hedyla, and some of them include:

  • Team growth and employability.
  • Improvements to current products and creation of new ones (stay tuned, it won't be long!)
  • Development and implementation of a more ambitious marketing strategy.
  • Scalability in the commercialization and distribution of the platform.
  • Creation of dedicated 24x7 technical support.
  • Consolidation of R&D with research profiles.

This year promises a lot for Hedyla! We will give everything to continue growing and helping to improve the logistics processes of our current clients and of those that are yet to come.

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