5 ways to optimize your logistics nodes

Logistics nodes are known to be a fundamental part of all the processes involved in logistics. They range from factories to last mile distribution centers in charge of receiving, storing and managing the entire distribution of goods.

However, these operations are often not optimized. Therefore, the quality of service to customers deteriorates considerably due to delays, reduced shelf life of perishable products, having a product out of stock for a prolonged period of time, among others.

For ways to get the most out of your logistics infrastructure, take a look at the following points:

Design distribution strategies

The company may already have its own distribution strategies for its own network of logistics nodes. However, given the constant changes that can affect all logistics, it may be necessary to update them according to current demands.

Para ello, recopilar la mayor cantidad de datos posibles es esencial para conocer los siguientes pasos que se tienen que dar. De esta manera, se pueden diseñar estrategias eficientes para cubrir las necesidades de la mercancía y la distribución.

Define management indicators

As it is often mentioned, the performance of an activity cannot be evaluated if we do not have key indicators assigned. In the management of a logistics infrastructure, this is no exception and KPIs must also be assigned in all operations to have their monitoring at hand.

It not only serves to measure the performance of merchandise management. It is also very useful for keeping logistics node costs and customer satisfaction in check, especially in the event of complaints and problems with products.

Perform inspection of the infrastructure

The inspection and maintenance of the infrastructure of the logistics nodes is essential both for the safety of the personnel and for the guarantee of the goods. Otherwise it can cause serious accidents in both situations.

Among the elements of a warehouse that must be paid special attention are the shelves. According to Spanish regulations, the inspection of racks is mandatory and it is for this reason that you must be attentive to perform such inspections and record them so that the labor authority can review it. In addition, failures can be predicted so that they can be properly maintained in advance and mishaps can be avoided.

nodos logísticos

Automate processes

One of the most efficient ways to overcome the logistical challenges facing the industry today is to automate those processes. This is to meet challenges such as peak demand and lack of automated personnel.

Among the tasks that can be easily optimized are the more monotonous and repetitive tasks such as moving boxes between the warehouse using stacker cranes. In this way, more time and costs are saved and staff can focus on other jobs that require soft skills such as problem solving.

Training personnel in technological changes

As the warehouse is upgraded in either automated processes or warehouse management software upgrades, so must the skills of the personnel managing those programs. For this reason, it is appropriate to find a niche to implement these technologies and train staff to minimize workflow disruption.

However, the software or the adapted machinery may be too complex for the current employees. Therefore, it may be time to hire workers more specialized in the latest technology applied to logistics in order to train the rest of the staff and adapt to the new way of working.


Just as in many cases the search for ways to manage transportation efficiently must also be taken into account in the management of logistics hubs, i.e. the logistics centers themselves.

At Hedyla, we are attentive to improve and optimize the most important logistics operations, so the supply chain simulator software can be your greatest ally to get the most out of your logistics nodes.

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