Optimizing Delivery Routes: 6 Strategies for Successful Delivery

One of the most important and costly processes for companies is optimizing product delivery during the last mile

With an increasingly demanding customer and the constant advancement of technology, a simple mistake in delivery can have serious consequences for the company.

The focus of organizations is now on the end customer. A satisfied customer is a sure value. 

If we want to provide a last-mile service in line with demanding customers, we must consider the following strategies:

  • Implement the use of artificial intelligence. Both AI and machine learning son dos herramientas fundamentales en la gestión de las plataformas de logística. Con ellas la mejora de precisión en el pronóstico de envíos es de hasta un 90%. En temporada alta, ya sea Navidad o fechas señaladas como el Black Friday, las ventas pueden aumentar hasta un 300% y tanto los procesos como los equipos deben agilizarse más que nunca. Gracias a las previsiones inteligentes se puede mejorar la organización de las rutas, la optimización de los vehículos y qué repartidores hay disponibles. Invertir en Inteligencia Artificial merece la pena, ya que también su uso conlleva una reducción de los costes.
  • Use of mobile technologies. The interest on the part of companies in performing tasks easily and quickly is booming. The use of mobile technologies greatly simplifies work, making it much more fluid and efficient, as well as providing real-time information on the location of packages. To give just one example, mobile technology has supplanted the obsolete scanners in warehouses. Manual processes are outdated. It is now possible to modify and control any last-mile process from any device with an internet connection.
Optimizar las rutas de reparto - app móviles para conductores
  • Route planning and fleet management. Today there are still companies that use excel templates to manually control the processes in the supply chain. This can slow down the delivery process because it takes more time to organize resources. Automating these tasks saves time in route planning and shipments are almost done online. The customer expects to receive his order ASAP and only efficient companies will be able to keep the customer satisfied.

Real-time tracking during the last mile is of vital importance to optimize delivery routes

  • Tracking the product to the customer's door. We have already emphasized the importance of real-time tracking during the last mile and how it directly influences customer satisfaction. Monitoring the route, the status of the vehicle fleet, the shipping time or obstacles encountered along the way are decisive factors in obtaining a satisfactory delivery. Any unforeseen events that may arise due to traffic, weather conditions or other factors can alter delivery times. Having real-time visibility into the situation can help resolve these unforeseen events quickly and efficiently.
  • Improved customer experience. The implementation of communication channels that allow us to have a constant relationship with the customer is an indispensable tool for customer loyalty. Letting the customer have control of their shipment at all times makes the feeling of security greater and even more so today, when online shopping continues to grow at a dizzying rate.
Optimizar las rutas de reparto - Satisfacción con el cliente
  • Reduced pollution. As the law is made, so is the trap. The customer demands faster deliveries and the race to be the first to reach the destination has begun. What the customer does not know is that the faster the speed, the higher the CO2 emissions, the higher the CO2 emissions. Logistics companies can take a number of actions that will enable them to be more environmentally sustainable. How? By optimizing delivery routes to reduce distances traveled and fuel consumption. By centralizing deliveries and thus reducing the number of trips. By controlling the loading of trucks and using less polluting vehicles.

At Hedyla we are proactive and grow with the needs of our customers and the industry. We offer the necessary tools to take your logistics to the next level.

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